Rim seal Technology is used to Extinguish liquid fuel tank

Due to the type of reservoirs, including the floating roof and the fixed roof,

the pump package, along with its accessories, is placed on the roof of the reservoir,

and a circle around the ceiling is installed adjacent to the wall and float that is sensitive

to heat and with a degree Certain tubes are pierced and the foam material is removed from

the tubes, which makes the drill operation the same point in the smallest time between

the interval of 6 to 10 seconds.

 Also, to know the exact location of the fire in the vicinity This tube also draws a linear cable sensor

 around the roof of the tank,which is sensitive to a specific temperature and, in the event

of fire and temperature rise.

It should be noted that with regard to the fitting of accessories on the roof (the closest place to the fire),

the minimum time available for foam evacuation is at the place of fire.It is evident that other foam ventilation

systems are located outside of the reservoir, which at the very first moment it takes a while for the foam to reach

the roof from the adjacent package and carry out maintenance work, which is the time interval in the reservoir fires

It is problematic. 











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