Product Fire Extinguishing services of Hamyarenergy Company

Refill Clinic and Fire Extinguishing services of Hamyarenergy Company

*******New service for the safety of the customers.*******

Selling and Refill of Fire extinguisher

Extinguishers with Standard sign and warranty with free shipping to all parts of Tehran.

Fire extinguishers with insurance, Home delivery, Free installation, Learning How to work and

Extinguish for the citizens.

Refill of any types of Fire extinguishers with Brilliant experience in this field.

Certified by Tehran Firefighting Organization, places administration, Insurances, Fire Union

Provide all services in this case as follows:

1-Manual fire extinguishing system  

Selling any types of Fire extinguisher in different models with factory prices.

Selling any kinds of bioversal extinguisher in different and Constantre sizes

All the Capsules have standard stamp, Insurance and Warranty.

2-Advanced Auto fire extinguishing system 

Aerosol Fire extinguishing system

FM200 and Co2 Fire extinguishing system

Water Sprinkler Fire extinguishing system

Selling any types of fire Equipment and professional assistance

Selling any types of powder and Gas extinguisher; Water and Gas; Carbon dioxide Gas and etcetera…

Selling any types of Bioversal Capsules in Required weights.

Expertise and Estimated Prices and free consultant.

Certified by Seller’s Union and producers of safety apparatus; Helmet and Fire Station.

Hydrostatic test of fire frame

Keeping and Refill extinguisher

Refill of Fire extinguisher

Refill of Fire extinguisher in east and south of Tehran

Refill of Fire extinguisher in west and North of Tehran

Using the best and qualified extinguishing, powder, Gas and Co2 materials.

Ready to Create contracts for maintenance and repair of fire extinguisher with companies, Factories,

governments and Private Organizations

Receiving and Refill of fire extinguisher from all parts of Tehran and Iran at an approved rate of

Seller union and producer of safety apparatus, Helmet, Tehran Fire Station.

  • If possible, the company will offer its services by providing discounts on the list of tariffs for control, service and Refill Fire Extinguisher.
  • High prices include consumable gas, consumable powder and Refill revenues.
  • Refilling and sealing cards are installed on the capsules with the name of this charging center.
  • The replacement cost is added by providing the official invoice at high prices.
  • Hydrostatic testing, if required for extinguishing agents, is carried out in a laboratory approved by the standard department.
  • Standard consumable powder approved by the union is 50,000 Rials per kilogram and CO2 consumed per kilogram is 39,000 Rials per kilogram.    

 To purchase and Refill all kinds of fire extinguishers , please contact us.

Sales Phone: 57854 021
Sales and Charge Capsule Expert: 09128932367 

Dear customers who intend to refill all types of manual extinguishers and fire extinguishers, they are required to take note of

the tips for refilling fire extinguishers.

  • According to the union's announcement, the powder in the capsule should be replaced.
  • Please note that capsules are refilled by the company registered with the statutes and the official newspaper.
  • Ask consult from cosulting companies that approved by the fire department so you do not have to worry about getting the highest quality service.
  • The fire extinguisher must be completed annually.
  • When Refilling, the extinguishers should be opened, serviced, replaced by a dry powder, recharged gas, accompanied by a birth certificate,official invoice, seal and signature of the customer.
  • There is no objection to visiting the charging workshop by our customers, nor should our colleagues visit a workshop for refiling fire extinguishers.
  • Learn how to use fire extinguisher capsules and fire extinguishers
  • How to use, installation and implementation requirements for all types of extinguishers