Fireproof doors

The First type:

1-Use ST37 Steel plate for doors and wall.

2-Use of Rock wool in density 120 to increase fire resistance

(It is changable according to customer's request ).

3-Use of anti-panic handle(Emergency Exit)according to the latest standards.

4-Use of door closer for simplification door opening and closing.

5-Use of Co2 according to the ISO Standard 3834.

6-Use of ball bearing in hinges for simplification door opening and closing.

7-Perfect design according to European plans.

8-Use of fire proof color with Speciication:

a)500 microns (30 minutes Fire resistance))

b)1000 mcrons (60 minutes Fire resistance)

c)1500 micron (90 minutes Fire resistance)

9-It is possible to offer Products with variety of colors (at customer's request)

10-It is possible to changedimensions and sizes according to customer's request.


1- 18 month warranty

2- 15 years after sale-services

3- It is possible to send and Products instalation in the place

(according to costomer's request)

The Second type:

1- Profile frame provided in sheet of hydrocarbon iron with a thickness of 2 mm

and it has a fireproof smoke band.

2- Material of Fireproof door consist of two layers of hydrocarbon sheet with thickness

of 2mm and it has special reinforce to resistant installation and also internal reinforcement

nets for reinforcing the door and preventing internal insulatin from dropping.

3-The core of Fireproof door consists of non- toxic rock wool with a specific weight 120-100kg/m

and it has heat resistance to 850 C with out deformation(This wool has a standard certificate 7271-2

and A grade standard 8299 in iran)

4-The door cover and frame of white leader apex color with Ral code 9016.

5-Fitting include special steel hinge with Alen M4 and anti panic handle is

for an Emergency exit.

6-Fireproof Seamer rubber : this type of rubber positioned around the frame

and when burning happens ,it expands with Tempreture increased and it avoids entering

Oxygen and smoke to prevent the flames of fire.

7-Fitthing for 1 year and Doors for 5 years include warranty.

Optional Equipment :

1-It is possible to instal an access control for server room.

2-Imbeding and installing

3-It is possible to cover frame and door from resistance color that 2 hours resists fire.

4-It is possible to produce door in different dimensions and colors.

5-Hydraulic elastic for door closing.

6-It is possible to install special hinge.

The Third type:

1- It is made of total wood and Fire resistant type.

2- Its minimum net width is Five Centimeters.

3-Use of anti-panic handle (Emergency Exit)According to the latest Standards.

4-Slow door closer.

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