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One of the problems for employers, when running or building their factory,Firefighting system

(Fire alarm and Fire extinguishing) for installation, the conflict with the subjective and complex

laws and regulations ,new and old rules in Firefighting system,do project in firefighting organization,

and continuos tracking and fixing defects related the case, apart from the issue that employers always

concerns the matter of their associated there and in case of inappropriate implementation of this

system would have to amend it at the end of the construction of the financial limit pursuant to which

they will be plentiful.

Hamyarenergy with a  brilliant experiance and by experties in this field has solved the problem and also

by continuous pursuit of doing more to advance faster in the organization to provide fire services,

the organization assured that will be approved that be peace of employer's mind.

Below is summary of  some part of company's consulting services in the field of designing and supervision of fire system:

1-Filling and administrative co-ordination,the project file in the organization,working with the fire department to obtain

the mandate of the client or his legal representative.

2-Participation in technical meeting and fire department dispute resolution as the representative of the employer.

3-Design and calculation of fire suppression and system and provide relevant maps and its correction.

4-Design of the system such as positive pressure of stairway, Parking's air conditioning,Pumping system and

Emergency power of  net's Tank.

5-Design and choose the type of manual extinguisher and alarm boards.

6-Supervision of  the implementation and testing of firefighting systems and delivery of the contractor.

7-Supervision of the purchased items such as doors of preventing smoke,pool accessories and other required

items based on the standard and accordance with firefight regulation.

8-Getting the final approval from Firefighting organization.

  • Consulting , Supervision, Follow up, obtain an approval by firefighting organization
  • Performing  Fire Alarm and Extinguish of Construction and Industrial
  • Designing Fire Alarm and Extinguish of Firefighting
  • Designing and Performing of Gas Extinguish system, FM200
  • Designing and Performing Fuel Tanks of Extinguish system
  • Maintenance and Repair Firefighting system
  • Online request form of firefighting Consultant

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