Designing and Performing Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems











Centers such as server room,Data center, Artistic Tanks, Electrical substations, Electric power Centers and also

similar to these users and  the equipment and tools in that space are sensitive and expensive , Gas Fire Extinguishing

systems are used.

In the space that Fire extinguish system should be in the event of fire and with out any damages to the equipment ,

do the fire extinguishing.

Also it should be isolated from the out side environnment until the Gas be able to spread in a suitable Density in

the environment.

Use the ability to dilute the oxygen in the environment and break the fire chain.FM200 or IG55 at the time of the command,

the sensors Were made by plumbing and special nozzle spray spread in the space and surround the environment

Designing,Performing ,Test and maintenance FM200 Gas system and the experts of the company according to NFPA

standard andAccording to NFPA 2001 code ,it is doing in clean agent part.Designed cylinders and used by the company

according to specification D.O.T. Specification 4BW500 or it is 4BA500 and standard condition and Gas pressure FM200

in the extinguishers by refill Nitrogen gas is supplied to 25 pressure  at temperature of  20 C.

  • Consulting , Supervision, Follow up, obtain an approval by firefighting organization
  • Performing  Fire Alarm and Extinguish of Construction and Industrial
  • Designing and Performing of Gas Extinguish system, FM200
  • Designing and Performing Fire Extinguishing system of Fuel Tanks
  • Maintenance and Repair Firefighting system
  • Online request form of firefighting Consultant  

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