Firefighting system's Design -Fire alarm and Extinguish of Construction and Industrial

Firefighting system's design (Fire alarm and Extinguish) is one of the most Sensitive and the most important

part of designing a building or set of industrial buildings.for this reason ,in case of wrong design,possibility of

Risk to the people's lives,it would also havelots of financial damages and for some buildings or factories at the

Time of obtaining the end of construction work and the licence of Firefighting organization ,employers will have

Problem with this case and it will also cause lots of financial damages.

Therefore,Hamyarenergy company,with fluence knowledge of rules and regulations (NFPA-BS-EN54) and related

Rules to the third topic of national building regulations (Protection of buildings against fire)and also current rules

In Tehran firefighting organization and in the possession of the experts and experienced engineers in this field ,and

Designing different types of fire alarm and extinguish systems,based on the Firefighting organization rules ,that it

Has made our customer's satisfaction.

Also optimal design of Fire extinguish system by the use of Hydraulic and  professional softwares, such as AUTOSPRINK

Or PIPENET and reduce charges of pipe and fitting consumption and other Fire extinguish equipment,will be done by

The company's experts.

Necessary design in Firefighting system,has mentioned as below:

1-Designing and correction of locating fire alarm system of all buildings and industry.

2-Designing and correction of locating fire extinguish system of all buildings and industry (wet and dry net)

3-Designing and calculating automatic water spray network system (Sprinkler)for all parkings,buildings and various industry.

4-Designing and calculating positive pressure system for escape stairs box in building.

5-Designing and calculating parking's air conditioning system.

6-Designing and calculating firefighting network system and related required pressure of pump system network.

7-Designing and calculating manual fire alarm and detection system in various parts of building and factories.

8-Designing and calculating required tank for firefighting's water.

9-Designing and calculating automatic pump system for firefighting water network.

10-Designing extinguishing system, IG55, FM200, Co2 for server room,data, Power , etc ...

11-Designing extinguishing system with water and foam.

12-Designing Fire alarm systems F&G .

13-Designing spray Nozzle for fire extinguishing fuel tank.

Description :

AUTOSPRINK software is  an engineering software for designing,simulation and optimization of fire extinguishing system with sprinkler.

Some benefits of designing fire extinguish system with Hydraulic AUTOSPRINK software :

  • Ability to optimize The size of pumps and fitting  that reduces the costs
  • Ability to drawe maps of fire extinguishing system by sprinkler with very high accuracy and able to print.
  • Ability to import design maps in AutoCAD and also capturing output for AutoCAD software.
  • Ability to provide designed maps in form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
  • Pump's Hydraulic calculation and its analysis for the best and optimum design.
  • Hydraulic calculation 's report accordng to NFPA format or Autosprink standard's report with all the details that approved 

            Tehran's Firefighting organization.

  • Consulting , Supervision, Follow up, obtain an approval by firefighting organization
  • Performing  Fire Alarm and Extinguish of Construction and Industrial
  • Designing and Performing of Gas Extinguish system, FM200
  • Designing and Performing Fire Extinguishing system of Fuel Tanks
  • Maintenance and Repair Firefighting system
  • Online request form of firefighting Consultant

Firefighting installation's design



Firefighting's rules of Residential building

Firefighting's rules of municipality

Industrial and construction design of Tehran's Firefighting

Design of IG55, FM200

Rules of escape stairs and parking

 Firefighting's rules in architecture Design

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