Difference of Addressable and Conventional Fire alarm

The use and selection of a suitable fire alarm system is not just a requirement, but depends on the user's choice of lower cost, greater efficiency

and reduced installation time.The most common types of firewalls today are conventional and addressable in the marketplace.

In both types of devices, they are connected to the central panel. The main difference is that the addressable model exactly specifies which device is activated.

What is the difference between the conventional (conventional) system and the addressable one ?

In the conventional and addressable difference, it can be said that all devices attached to the addressable system have their own address.

Each time the fire is detected, the detector sends its information to the central system and indicates which device is exactly activated.

This feature will cause the exact location of the fire to be detected and act quickly to shut down the fire.

In conventional systems, there is no mechanism to accurately determine the fire point. But with the zoning feature, you can generally identify

the location of the fire. For example, if you have a two-story building that you would like to design for that conventional system, you will place

the first floor in the first zone and the second floor in the second zone.now if the fire occurs on the first floor, the first zone light is illuminated

and you know the fire on the first floor, but it is not exactly where the first floor is.

 What is difference between addressable and conventional firewalls?

In the conventional type, the wiring is stellar, with the panel in the center, but in the addressable model, all the equipment and the central panel

will be in a loop.

Comparison of the price of conventional firewall and addressable cheaper?

Addressable systems have lower prices in primary equipment, and costly to install. This is due to the star wiring and each device

must be connected separately to the panel. But all the equipment in the addressable system is in a loop. Perhaps now the concept of why

the price of the equipment is more common is more specific to the reader due to the length of the wiring in terms of the area as well as

the installation time for the installer!On the other hand, addressable systems have mechanisms that can save you money at great expense!

For example, the addressable detectors of the air stream are continuously measured and the probability of the alarms or the same alert will be

reduced in error!


Conclusion :

In general, the addressable system is a more appropriate choice, because when the fire is detected, you have found a fire point in less time and

you have fewer losses, resulting in less damage and less cost. Also, due to its simplicity in installation and less time, it is less costly.

The only difference that some still follow conventional systems are the lower initial price of conventional equipment, which makes the location

or small companies still have to look for conventional systems for use.


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