Firefighting equipment and appliances are one of the safety suppliers in any environment.Safety And Keep safety during the years,

especially in recent years, are very necessary with the events we have seen.So, never forget to use high-quality fire safety standards to increase

the safety of the proper equipment.Hamyarnergy Co. has been operating in the field of buying and selling fire-fighting equipment of high quality

and with world-class standards and enjoying high experience in the field of firefighting equipment.

Fire extinguisher nozzles and foaming equipment are:

     Simple fire extinguisher nozzle
     Fog Husserlie Nozzle
     Fog triple-nozzle all-metal nozzle
     Fog Professional Turbo nozzle
     Fog Professional nozzle Turbo AWG
     Fog plastic nozzle
     Three-way valve nozzle
     Fog Professional Professional Turbo-nozzle
     Fog FIREX Burnese Fire Extinguisher
     Three-mode flush nozzle nozzle
     Full-fired three-way fire nozzle
     Fog Professional nozzle Turbo DELTA FIRE
     Aluminum foam fire extinguisher
     One-inch full-metal multifunction solenoid nozzle
      Fog Professional POK fire extinguisher nozzle
      Fog Nozzle is a spittoon of Turbo ROSENBAVER

Fire hoses include:

     Tarpaulin hoses, PVC cardboard and canvas linen
     Hose hose
     Anti acid hose

Firefighting valve catches:

     The valve of the fire department ("1 -" 1/2 1 - "2 -" 2.5 - "4)

Fire fittings: Hydrant Coupling Converter Hydrant Cap
     Gas valve or milk box for Huzyril ("3/4 brass and aluminum - strong and ordinary pressure)

Fire brigade:

     Hydrant cap

Spool and Husserl:

     17 meter husserl spool
     The 15-meter husserl spool
     20-meter husserl spool


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