A fire extinguisher is a kind of device for extinguishing fire. This machine is a handheld portable fire extinguisher,

and it burns carbon dioxide gas with fire due to the type of fire combining various compounds, such as water, powder

and gas.The fire extinguishing cylinders are solid metal cylinders filled with water or a kind of stuffy stuff like carbon dioxide

and when you press the lever above the barrel, the material is extensively pressed out of the capsule. In these capsules, a tube,

a pressure receptacle attached to the capsule is attached to the top of the capsule and a spring valve has also blocked the connection

between the tube and the outlet .At the top of the cylinder there is another small cylinder filled with compressed gas such as carbon dioxide

and a lion to prevent carbon dioxide emissions.To use a fire extinguisher, you must pull the capsule toggle and press it lever.

This lever pushes a bar to push the spring bar down and open the outlet.

The compressed gas is released due to pressure and is removed from the reservoir to the outlet through a considerable

amount of force.It should direct it to the target fuel and spread it over all fuel.

The capsule is made up of different sizes and gases.

Types: Co2-Powder and Gas-Halogen-Water ... Each of them has a special application.


Weight of the extinguisher

The weight of manual extinguishers varies from one kilogram to 14 kilograms or 14 liters,

 so that one can easily carry it. The larger ones are mounted on a wheel because of their weight

and sometimes some of them are fixed in a fixed place, which is not referred to as manual

cylinders. Hand-held extinguishers can be used in small and small fires depending on the

capacity and type of material inside it.



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