Choose the type of extinguisher capsule

The most important thing about fire extinguishers is to know that each fire extinguisher is suitable to fire a particular type of fire; therefore,

you must apply a fire extinguisher based on the type of material that may be exposed to fire.

Category and Application

Target letter

The words of the firefighting target, depending on the type, in the international system (except America) are as follows





Normal Solids






Reactive metals


Electrical Equipment



Capsule color

In the standard, the colors of the capsules must recognize three points: 1. These standards vary from country to country.

Even in Australia, which is the traditional function of the UK, there is a difference. 2. These standards are time-dependent. Previously,

all of the capsules were painted, all capsules are red, all of which are red to create an environmental distinction and use a colored ribbon

or plastic dye. 3. In many places, like in our country, they are characterized by written explanations or illustrations of capsules.

(Because at the critical moment of the fire, it forgets to use, for example, to turn off the power panel, white-blue or blue!)

Application of capsules

It should be known where each capsule is used. For example, using a water capsule for an electric or oil fire is wrong.



Suitable For









 Steamy    Liquid




  Dry   Material



Identify the types of silencers

Some of the signs and specifications provided by the manufacturers or other methods that can be helpful in this regard are as follows:

A) Standard: The standard institution usually requires the manufacturer to write the information on the body; therefore,

on the extinguisher's body, information such as the type of material, the capacity, the use and use of it on the label or in the form

Paintings drawn on the extinguisher.

B) Letters: You may not be able to read external entries for all users, so use some letters that represent a group of flammable materials

and use the extinguisher to fire it.

A This letter is usually written on a fire extinguisher that is suitable for solid fuels such as wood, paper, fabric and cardboard.

Alphabets A.B These letters are usually on the extinguisher that fuels ordinary solids such as above and liquids such as oil and gasoline. . .

Is written.

The letters A.B.C These letters are usually used on an extinguishant body whose powder is suitable for the three groups of solids and liquids

mentioned, plus electric appliances.

The letters B.C These letters are usually written on the silencer that is suitable for fire and electrical appliances.

(C) Identification on parts of the machine. 1) CO2 gas extinguisher has a single piece, seamless and funnel-shaped funnel.

2) Low-drain bowl water extinguisher. 3) The silencer contains a hollow mechanical hinge. 4) The extinguisher contains the usual powder plain powder.

D) Identification of the extinguisher type by the color of the body of the cylinder. 1) Water-tight red-hot water cooler. 2) Powder-free silicone.

3) CO2-black extinguisher black. 4) Green halogen content. Extinguisher containing yellow foam or cream color

Type of extinguisher Solids Flammable liquids Flammable gases Electric appliances Flammable metals Water - - - - Floor - - -

Chemical powder - Dry powder - - - - - Halogenated materials - -

Determine the place to install the extinguisher

1) Be sure to install a maximum height of 1/5 meters from the ground. If the weight of the extinguisher is greater than 18 kg, it must be installed

at a height of 1 meter above the ground.

2) Be near the inputs and outputs.

3) The path to access, short, and free of disturbing and intrusive means.

4) Install at a location that minimizes the possibility of physical damage to it.

5) The cylinder is not exposed to sunlight or snow or rain in the open air.

6) It should be noted that the extinguisher is installed far away from hazardous materials.

7) When the extinguisher is installed on the wall, a special fastener must be used.

8) Uniform distribution.


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