To extinguish the fire by absorbing the heat of the flame, removing the side of the heat and consuming the oxygen removes the oxygen side

by FM200.

In this way, the FM200 enters the chemical chain of fire and produces high temperatures of free metal radicals.

Then, these radicals with The oxygen present in the combina- tion process use oxygen and eliminate it, which results in incomplete combustion

cycles.  They absorb the heat flame heat recovery due to heat recovery. In this way, and within a time of about 10 seconds after the FM200

gas is depleted, the fire is started and the fire is restarted.FM200's fast-track fire fighting operation produces harmful and toxic

intermediate-producing By-Produces intermediate products, including carbon monoxide co, and less damage, less clearance and less refinement,

and a higher safety factor for people in need.It is generally used to protect all equipment protected by halogen gas. Because of the complexity

of equipment, halon gas systems can be used to minimize the amount of change for FM200 gas fire extinguishing systems.


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