Organization safety standards at design stage

1. The criteria for the distance between buildings according to the type of use
-1.1 Fuel stations, such as the supply of gasoline and gas to the induction site at least seven meters away from the plaque
Adjacent to the general public, and consider the dimensions of the bearing plaque with respect to this item.
-1.2 Failure to build buildings for use: cinemas, community halls, schools, mosques and populated places such as
Proximity to fuel stations.
1.3. Adjacent plaques at the fuel stations up to two storeys high on the pilot's seat and increased per floor
The height of the two floors on the pilot's seat is permissible for each class and the elevation is higher than the two classes on the rear pilot
Three meters in the vicinity of the adjacent position, or the wall of the adjacent position, without any openings and ducts with the front

Open to the fuel supply and stationary stand at a pressure of 7 kg per square centimeter (7 atmospheres of pressure caused by
Explosion of petroleum gas


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