In the field of A Class it requires a clean and inert gas for firefighting.

Fire extinguisher package (HF 227EA) (fm200) is a fast, non-trapped gaseous agent with good environmental

and environmental protection and no damage up to a concentration of 9% for living organisms.Based on TOTALFLOODING system design

(HFC227 EA), the concentration in class A fire is usually between 8.4 and 7.5.

 In this calculation, the confidence coefficient is usually considered because of the probability of a fire exceeding 7.

Also, when the gas is discharged, the presence of personnel is not hindered. Also, if the gas environment is isolated, it can be maintained for

up to 30 minutes, which can be sustained locally.

As a result of any fire, the smoke detectors and heat detectors work seamlessly to detect fire, and the whole volume of the room is saturated

with the material.

At the time of evacuation of the damper, the fan is disconnected or the air conditioner is interrupted,which is the responsibility of the fire alarm

system. Plumbing in this 40-rated system is based on the ASTM standard, and the nozzles can be uniformly operated either 360 or 180 degrees

or both.Even in this system, the FM200 roofing cylinders can be used either as a supplement or as a calculator and with sprinkler actuator with

a temperature of 68-98 degrees Celsius.

Advantages of this system:

The power of proper fire
Ability to recharge
Fire-fighting at speeds below 10 seconds
Eco-friendly and safe for humans
No impact on documents
Insolubility and remaining traces after drainage
VDS & FM Insurance Certificates and UL System and Gas Tolls ..........
The existence of a clear and unconventional standard about application and investable

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