Today, in any country in the world, there can not be a big city in which there is not Firefighting and Safety system for preventing and Fighting Fire.

There are two main questions in this regard:

1. What motive or factor has lead to the formation  and spread of a fire department.

2. Why the advanced industrial countries have paid more attention to the firefighting organization and they have

always sought to complete the service. In fact, the Fire and Fire Services Organization can play an important role

in the country's economic development by protecting and protecting national capital against fire and accidents.

In general, before human beings access and use the fire, they saw effects and dangers and, for example, when

fire was struck by a forest thunderbolt, the first man observed that as a result of the fire of light and heat It is

produced by the death of various animals that were surrounded by fire and other incidents which proved the

dangers of the fire since its inception, it is not clear exactly when the human being reached to fire.

One of the oldest signs in this regard was in the Shakhtin Cave in 1919, the burnt bones found in the cave near

China proved that humans knew how to use fire. Other signs, such as the cave discovered In Dordogne, France,

where the remains of the furnaces and ovens of the cave show that thousands of years ago the fire was used.

In any case, human beings were burned and used, and in addition to the welfare and comfort of its use, such as the

salvation of darkness and cold, cooking, the removal of wild animals, etc., into important advancements such as

instrumentation, pottery, and pottery Metals were also obtained.Cities such as, London, Tokyo, New York, Chicago,

Baltimore, Hamburg, San Francisco have not remembered their fierce and fierce memories.

The fires that expose each of these cities to complete destruction and destruction, and after many years ,It is still, 

referred to as a great catastrophe.After the London fire, the British prisons were long overdue by debtors who lost all

their assets in the fire, and perhaps the only solution that seemed to be the introduction of fire insurance.

 In this way, the damage caused by possible fires was split between a large group and thus prevented people from

being bankrupt. 

The establishment of a fire insurance concept in modern times was first introduced on December 3, 1591 in the city

of Hamburg,Germany.

It was the name of the Hamburg Fire Fighting Facility.In England, after the Great Fire in London, various insurance

companies began to work on fire prevention and fire.

The next fires put insurers at risk. As a result, in 1833 in London, the merger of fire departments was established by

several insurance companies of the Unitary Fire Brigade Company. The institute had 80 full-time firefighters in Khatyar,

serving 13 fire stations, and in those years the first fire extinguisher pumps were invented.

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