History of the first fire station in Iran

The first city equipped with firefighting equipment and organization was Tabriz.

About one hundred and fifty years ago,Russian engineers in this city founded the first fire fighting organization in Iran,

Tabriz Fire Tower is one of the memorials of that era.

The second and third official fire brigades were established in the south of the country and in the cities of Masjed Soleyman and Abadan

to maintain facilities in the refineries of those cities. Then,regarding to the establishment of economic infrastructures in all parts of

the country, the establishment of security units in different parts of the country began, which could be the construction of fire fighting

units (firefighting) in Baldia (Municipality) that day, which was created in the industrial and economic hubs of the country and For example,

the construction of bases in Tehran, 1303, Qazvin 1303, Ahvaz 1304, Bandar Anzali 1305, Rasht 1310, Holy Mashhad 1312, Zanjan 1327,

Isfahan 1328 and Shiraz 1329 were named.

In Tehran, for the first time, a Russian general at the site of the Amin-e-Shohar site set up the first fire station, and later it was established

with the extension of the unit and the transfer to the Hassanabad Crossroad, the Boldieh Firefighting Unit. Gradually, with the increasing

needs of the city of Tehran, this unit was developed at two stations in Tehran and Shemiranat. In 1326, these stations increased to five stations,

and today the number of Tehran's fire stations is 94.

With the start of the reign of Pahlavi I, the decision was to make cities especially Tehran, and to find a reputation, as a result of Baldieh's

attention. In the year 1303, Baldieh Tehran provided a machine for watering the streets of the city. Since the truck was equipped with

a pump engine, it was fitted with a few meters of pipe, a pipe head and a few valves, to prevent possible fire. Since the city lacked water

plumbing, the tanker was also used by people for water supply. Until that time, the only source of drinking water for the people of Tehran

was open-air and heavily polluted streaks passing through the streets. As a result, demand for water was gradually increasing.

Therefore, other tankers were purchased and more people were hired. Of course, along with the provision of these services, firefighting

was also a second task.
With the development of the city, the number of fires was increased, as a result, a certain office was required to deal with these fires.

For this reason, in 1304 or 1305, the base of the fire department was poured. The department, called the "Firefighting Branch",

was established under the auspices of Baldieh Tehran in Garage called Hosseini, on the street of Charghe-e-Power (Amirkabir),

the three-way presence.

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