4.1 Elevators for off-center stair construction.
4.2The elevator boom extends to the foundation of the building or be designed in an elevator out of the center of the stairwell.
The elevator wells extend to the foundation of the building, or if there is a free space below the well
A lift of a column below the hole buffers with a static stand of 5,000 newtons per square meter is considered.
4.3 Usefulness of the elevator wells at least 150 * 150
4-4. In the elevator wells do not fit inside the engine of the facility.
4-5- Considering the independent room for the house engine The valve 60 * 80 cm below the floor of the engine room on
the side wall with

a pull-out
4-6. Any opening of the valve to the reservoir well other than the liner at the entrance to the well and the valve is not permitted in clause 5-4.
4-7- Compliance with all standard lift standards.

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