Powder and gas extinguishers


Types of extinguishers are devided into two groups . A)  inside Cartridges-B) Out of cartridges

Inside cartridge

The pressure factor in this type of extinguisher is the Co2 gas inside the small cylinder, which is located underneath the cap and inside

The extinguisher cylinder,when pressurized by the lever,the way out of the gas from the open and gas cartridges, the contents of the cylinder

Pushes and pushes out.

Out of cartridges

In this type of gas,the Co2 gas is placed outside the cylinder and the gas outlet of the cartridge gas is connected to  the exhaust body,which is

also a leaky concave blow.

Catridges that are placed outside the body have a performance valve and the gas catridge is discharged if necessary.

In catridge operated powder extinguishers,however,if the gas is injected into the cylinder and a small amount of powder is consumed,it can not be

assured for future use,therefore,you should drain the cylinder gas,then open the cap and replace the catridge.

To empty the gas from the inside of the cylinder,simply turn off the exhaust and press the lever to release the entire gas.

Turn off the exhaust and press the lever to release the entire gas.

How to work with a powder extinguisher and gas catridge:put the exhaust fog near the fireplace, release the toggle,then remove

the rubber tube from the clamp and hold it with the handle without leaving the body or head and face in switch off the safety shut-off valve.

open the gas valve (Tap in the beat type) then, with one hand,take the nozzle and the other hand with the extinguisher,and push the powder

on the nozzle with a push on the nozzle.

How to work with powder extinguisher and gas catridge inside: in this type of cartridge extinguisher is placed inside the cylinder body and under the cap.

when you pull out  the toggle,press the lever to enter the gas from the inside of the cartridge to the cylinder body,then press the lever with

one hand with the other hand to expel the powder on the fire.

Expiring tests for powder and gas Extinguishers:open the cylinder door once a month to make sure the powder is not cracked.

Also ensure that the cylinder outlet is open and that the rubber tubing is healthy and that the catridge is weighed to ensure that

The cartridge is weighed to ensure that it is refilled, if more than 10% of the weight of the gas inside it is refilled.

If possible,use an extinguisher once a year in a fire burner and reill it once year. (Each cartridge is filled with 110 g of Co2 Gas)


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