The new safety feature of the Magirus revolving ladder is able to quickly diagnose the risk.This system supports safe and effective rescue

operations.  The first version of this new device will be delivered to the Essen fire department. The LED spotlights illuminate the entire

ladder from the moment it starts to reach the highest elevation.

The precise positioning of the turntable ladders is the first step for safe and fast relief and rescue operations. Obstacles like building outburst and

air power lines create important dangers in the dark of the night and when there is little daylight, which, if not timely, will take a long time

to move the ladder's position.The new Magirus SkyBeam's new safety system has progressed to resolve such problems.

Given the active participation of several fire departments in different stages of the project, Magirus emphasized the customer's needs,

such as reducing operational risks, as well as being simple and safe.

Even before the VARIO's hydraulic jacks are activated, eight LED spotlights on the top of the ladder and the ladder's monoblock are fully lit.

This action is activated automatically by inserting an auxiliary drive and activating the operating area above the ladder and allowing immediate

detection and identification of possible obstacles or risks. Spotlights can be manually controlled via the main control panel or the panel in

the manbox.

These 8 spark plugs for the firefighter and firefighter will provide 33600 lumens of light output, including light on the front of the car.

"The Magirus SkyBeam system will be an important item for the purchase of next-generation revolving ladders," said Magirus Air Products Director.

We received the first client request to optimize this system, which made Magirus consider the implementation of this system in CS-CS changer ladders

as it develops. This means that the fire safety level can be increased in both the new and old Magirus revolving ladders.


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