Fire extinguisher
Special Fire extinguisher for car
In car accidents, car fires are one of the greatest adventures that can happen when a car accident or a technical defect occurs,
so it can help

you with a fire extinguisher.

Need to have a fire extinguisher in the vehicle
Why should I have a fire extinguisher in the car? Most people use cars and personal transportation for external transportation.

So the use of personal cars is the most popular option for transportation.

 Therefore, vehicles always suffer from incidents and flaws that can be a source of fire.

Therefore, having a fire extinguisher in a car is essential and necessary.
Before you look at what kinds of capsules are suitable for a car,
 you should be familiar with a variety of fire factors in the vehicle.

It turns out that an agent alone causes the car to fire. Basically, a combination of several factors, such as technical malfunction,

mechanical problems,driver errors,and chemical causes cause car fires.

When a factor does not cause a fire and the combination of several factors causes a fire, the situation becomes a little dangerous.

 For example, in the case of a fire in a vehicle, the addition of each agent can only complicate itself alone.

 Therefore, having information about the above can help the car owner to take effective steps to control the fire.

 In the case of car fires, the point is that the car is burning.

So if you can not quickly control the fire, quickly move away from the car, because small fire will not last for a long time and after

a short time the fire will spread. According to an accident, 20% of road accidents have been associated with vehicle fires, so having

information on this can help you control your fire.

Car fire factors
Fuel system leak

Defects and leaks in fuel systems are one of the most common causes of fire in vehicles.

There are many reasons that cause leakage in the fuel system.

There are a lot of liquids in the body that smells, corrosive and incendiary, that among these fluids, Benin is one of the most dangerous liquids.

Gasoline has the ability to flame at just 8 ° C with just one small spark. This is usually done inside the engine.

Therefore, if Benin pours on the hot parts of the car during a fire, it will burn in a fraction of the time.

So one of the standard tasks is to always pay attention to your car and if you feel the smell of gasoline, take it as soon as possible to fix it.

Car electrical system malfunction

The second reason for a vehicle fire can be due to a vehicle electrical system failure. Since the car battery provides the amount of power

needed for the car, it can cause a lot of defects, so it's best to connect and Check your battery status.

Warming and sparking can cause fire.

When the battery is at standstill, a mixture of electrolyte vapor and hydrogen gas may be removed, causing corrosion and battery damage,

and the installation of the battery may result in some dangers.

Car water leakage

Riding cars and vehicles have a lot of flammable liquids, which can include gasoline and diesel, engine oil, hydraulic oil and brake oil.

When the vehicle is switched on, these fluids are circulating and if the transmission paths are difficult and perforated,it can leak and cause a fire.

These are just some of the causes and shortcomings that can be caused by burning Car.

Best suitable vehicle fire extinguisher
It is important to use a silencer in the car and have a type of extinguisher for your car.

Therefore, choosing the type of fire extinguisher can be important.

Before choosing a fire extinguisher, it's best to be familiar with a variety of fire classes.

Type A: Fire caused by wood, fabric, rubber or other solids

Type B: Fire caused by flammable liquids and gases such as gasoline, diesel, gas and oil.

Type C: Electricity-induced fire, such as car wiring.

Therefore, choosing a Powder Gas Capsule can be a good option for your car. Although the use of this capsule may cause corrosion,

but it is not a concern, since after fire fighting, the material can be washed out.

Specific size fire extinguisher capsule size
The best choice for a special fire extinguisher capsule is one to two kilograms of capsules for powdered gas capsules.

Place the fire extinguisher in the vehicle
The best place to install a capsule in a local area is always available and available in the shortest amount of time.

Putting the fire extinguisher under

the student seat can be a good option because it always has access to the driver. The rear trunk can be a good option.

It's best to keep the capsule in place

so it can not be damaged and not drain.

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