Standard related to Fire Engineering

Manual extinguishers NFPA 10

LOWEX NFPA 11 Floor Extinguisher

NFPA-based CO2-based fire extinguishing system 12

Water-based fire-fighting system (sprinkler) NFPA 13

Fire Fighting Network - Hazrilas NFPA 14

NFPA Spray and Spray System 15

NFPA-based water and floor fire system 16

Types of pumps NFPA 20

Inspection, Test, Maintenance and Maintenance of NFPA Water Systems 25

Flammable Fluid NFPA 30

Code for Automobile Fuel Systems (LNG) NFPA 57

International NFPA 70 Code

NFPA Firewall 72

Signs of fire safety NFPA 170

Other standards related to Fire Engineering

ANSI National Institute of Standards

American Petroleum Association Standard API

American Association of Mechanical Engineers ASHRAE

American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME

American Association for Testing Materials ASTM

BSI Institute of the United Kingdom

German Standard Organization DIN

Standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC

International Organization for Standardization ISO

American NSF Safety and Fire Safety Standard

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