Aerosol itself is a kind of gas,  when we are talking about fire extinguishing,the "Aerosol Fire suppression system"

It is briefly called Aerosol.This system includes aerosol gas,powder and solid particles.when the fire detection sensors

Detect smoke and heat from the fire, the aerosol extinguishers are activated automatically and by dispersing  solid

Particles of less than 10 microns in the environment, they cause a lasting fire,and by releasing the radicals K and 

The radicals K and the reaction to the fire chain will cause a fire.

Aerosol can also be activated electrically and manually in addition to activated heat (Smoke sensor) and can be used for extinguishing.

This system has the ability to shut down fire in a variety of environments.

what place to use with Aerosol?

This fire extinguishing system can be used in all places.However due to the corrosivity of the potassium element, it is advisable not

to be used in places where electronic boards are present.

What should I consider in using an Aerosol fire extinguisher?

The following points can provide valuable knowledge to the customer and the contractor of the system:

  • Accept the risk of using the Aerosol system

According to the risk of damage during aerosol evacuation in a room where sensitive equipment is not predictable and not computable,

it is preferable to use clean fire preventation systems such as FM200 or Inert gas systems.Ask your employer to manage your project

in a timely manner and give you enough time to provide a clean gas system for the project.

  • pay attention to the size of the cylinder

In the time of designing,you should carefully consider the size of cylinder.for example,if you need 10 kilos of aerosols and the height of your room

is 3 meters,instead of using 2-cylinder 5 kilos,use 5 kilos of 2 cylinders.

The size of the cylinders you use should be such the gas after the discharge can pass the appropriate distance before the colision is sufficiently

cooled to completely turn into the suspended dust phase,in which case if about 10 minutes after drainage by a strong fan,all the dust of the

aerosol is drained,The probability of damage to sensitive equipment is reduced.

  • pay attention to the cylinder gap with equipment 

Since the gas released from the aerosol cylinder is between 300 and 400 C during evacuation.

Observe the minimum distance to the equipment according to the manufacturer's larger as the size of the cylinder is the

exhaust gas will be hotter. In 5kg cylinders for some brands,the temperature reaches 1 meter even to 200 C.

Arrange to turn off all of the server room equipment before discharging the resulting dust into the equipment.

  • Keep in mind

Deplete the entire mist10 minutes after the aerosol evacuation,by a strong fan that automatically controls the fire extinguisher.

According to manufacturers's recommendations and standards,Aerosol gas should be kept within the environment for at leat 10 minutes

to ensure that the fire is shut off, but after 10 minutes it is better to blow all the dust with smoke and fire particles evacuated.

  • Limited cleaning period after the fire extinguishing

As soon as the phone informs you about the aerosol drain,bring it to the server room and start the cleaning operation of the boards and electronic

Equipment with  water and alcohol after complete only have 24 hours to do the cleaning, if the thin layer of aerosol dust stays on

electronic equipment, these equipment will be damaged in the long run.

  • Do not forget the standard

Use Aerosol Extinguisher with an internationally recognized standard such as UL. Standard establishments before testing the standard

display, such as extinguishing power under different conditions, the amount of gas allowed,the power of launch,the life span of an aerosol

in different conditions,the minimum clearance of the cylinder to the equipment etc , are tested.using non-standard aerosol extinguishers

greatly increases the risk of damage to your server room equipment.

  • Use smoke Detectors

To reduce the risk of unwanted discharge of aerosols,be sure to use air sampling detectors.preferably use smoke detectors and spot heaters

in the extinguishing zone and use the smoke intake detector only for initial alert.

Maybe you have the chance to turn off the fire with your extinguisher yourself and get rid of the aerosol drain.


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