The best firefighting equipment in residential and office buildings and industrial units and commodity warehouses, etc. Fire boxes.

Firebox boxes, as its name implies, are fire extinguisher systems that contain fire extinguishing hoses and anti-fire extinguisher capsules.

These boxes, after hand-held fire extinguishers, are one of the first fire-fighting equipment in the early stages of fire detection.

Its vital function is to clean the ambient atmosphere from smoke and heat, expediting fire extinguishing, preventing flame retardation

and creating The appropriate time to escape the people involved in the incident, and because of their connection to the fire and smoke network,

is also one of the most important water supply sites for operational teams.


Firebox accessories include the following items


The firebox accessories include the following:
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1-Fire hose
2- Spark plug

3- Fire extinguisher nozzle
4-  Gate of the fire department
 5- coupling



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