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Frequently asked questions about the fire control panel

سوالات رایج در مورد کنترل پنل آتش نشانی

Fire control panel The fire control panel is a safety device that commercial buildings are required to install to reduce losses and damages. If you are committed to building a building with high security, you will probably want to buy this panel. Before you start shopping, you need to know what a typical fire control […]

Types of fire fighting couplings

انواع کوپلینگ آتش نشانی

Fire coupling In order for a fire hose to work safely and effectively, it is necessary to choose the right connection or fire coupling. A coupling is a connector at the end of a hose, actually refers to the tools used to connect fire hoses to each other or to connect hoses to water supply […]

Design of construction and industrial fire alarm and extinguishing systems

طراحی سیستم های اعلام و اطفاء حریق ساختمانی و صنعتی

Design of construction and industrial fire alarm and extinguishing systems Design of water and foam fire extinguishing systems: The importance of having a water and foam fire extinguishing system is determined when the materials that can be extinguished only with this fire extinguishing system have caught fire and become rampant, increasing the flame and spreading […]

Maintenance and repairs of fire fighting, fire alarm and extinguishing systems

تجهیزات اطفا حریق

Maintenance and repairs of fire-fighting system We are all familiar with the three factors that cause fire, i.e. heat, combustible material and oxygen, and we know that as long as these three factors are together, there will be a possibility of fire and its continuation, so we should start a fire for prevention and if […]

Fire hydrant

تجهیزات اطفا حریق

Fire hydrant In big cities, taps or fire hydrants are used for fire safety and to prevent possible fire crises. A fire hydrant, used by firefighters on a fire to extinguish flames, allows firefighters to quickly access your pressurized water system. Firefighters remove one or two nozzles, attach the hose to the nozzles, and turn […]

Earthquake sensitive valve, electric valve, gas leak detector

شیر حساس به زلزله ، شیر برقی ، دتکتور نشت یاب گاز

What is an earthquake sensitive valve? Is your home protected in the event of a major earthquake? Every building connected to gas must have an earthquake sensitive valve. This means that every person should know how the earthquake sensitive valve works. Here’s what you need to know, including how to update your home and be […]

Sale of diesel emergency fire generator

معدات السلامة في مكافحة الحرائق

Sale of diesel emergency fire generator What is a diesel generator? Emergency diesel generator or diesel generator is a combination of diesel engine, generator and all kinds of secondary accessories such as covering room to protect and reduce noise, anti-humidity heaters, chassis, control and protection systems, emergency circuit breakers, oil pre-heating system and It is […]

Fire prevention equipment

تجهیزات پیشگیری از آتش سوزی

Fire prevention equipment The famous saying is prevention is better than cure, it is true and meaningful in all aspects of our life. The cost of treatment has always been much higher than the cost of prevention. Costs do not necessarily mean financial issues and include spiritual and social issues as well. For example, the […]

fire nozzle

نازل آتش نشانی

fire nozzle Fire nozzles are one of the most widely used firefighting equipment. Fire nozzles can provide a constant flow of water, foam, or a variety of extinguishing agents, or allow firefighters to select the most appropriate flow rate and operating pressure for extinguishing a fire. A fire nozzle is attached to the fire hose […]

fire extinguishing fire blanket

پتو نسوز اطفا حریق

fire blanket The history of fire extinguishing fire blankets The principle of suffocating fire with heavy materials (blankets, coats, carpets, etc.) dates back to the early 20th century. Just as portable chemical fire extinguishers were developed and widely used, fire blankets were also more formal. In the 20th century, fire blankets were made of leather […]

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