During combustion, specific reactions in the flame occur rapidly between atoms and fragments of unstable molecules (radicals). Such reactions form the so-called chain reactions of radicals. Due to their unstable nature, radicals tend to reach a stable final state through further reactions. Sustainable end products include carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Potassium released by the decomposition of potassium compounds during combustion reacts with unstable hydroxides to form free radicals of potassium hydroxide (KOH), which is a very stable compound. At this point, the free radical chain reaction stops and the flame goes out. The aerosol extinguishing system also has the following important advantages.

Not harmful to people, environment and equipment.
It does not excrete oxygen.
No harm to the environment during extinguishing (off without water).
 Simple installation (electrical control).
 (Can) be installed directly on the source.
No need for plumbing.
There is no separate space for gas bottles.
The extinguishing agent in the generator is solid, so there is no pressure.
 Financial attractiveness (lifespan 15 years).

HE Aerosol Fire Extinguisher System is the first hybrid aerosol fire extinguisher made of water-repellent nanomaterials, which after detecting a fire, is activated by a sensor and extinguishes the fire by emitting gas and extinguishing particles smaller than 10 microns.

Aerosol HE fire extinguishing system has the national standard of Iran and CE certification from the European Union and is patented as a knowledge-based product and is a unique product. In addition to being activated by the fire alarm sensor, this system can also be activated manually and thermally. The HE aerosol fire extinguishing system consists of a non-toxic, inert solid that is designed as a safe and practical alternative to FM200 gases, carbon dioxide, halo, halocarbons and chemical powders and inert gases.

HE aerosols physically (lowering the temperature) and chemically (breaking the molecular bond of the flame) extinguish the fire and extinguish the fire in an instant; Also, due to its special formulation and type of production technology, the Aerosol HE fire extinguisher system can be used in humidity above 95%, which makes this Aerosel HE fire extinguisher system superior to other Aerosol fire extinguishing systems. Activation does not leave any residue, which also shows its superiority over other aerosol fire extinguishing systems and prevents damage to equipment and documents.

How the Aerosol HE fire extinguishing system works
 The dense HE aerosol fire extinguishing system actually attacks the fourth side of the fire rhombus and prevents the chemical reactions that lead to the continuation of the fire activity and by extinguishing the reactions of the fire chains causes the fire to be extinguished.

Benefits of Aerosol HE Fire Extinguishing System
Ability to work in humidity above 95%
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly (ODP = GWP = 0)
Lighter and less bulky than other similar products
Extinguishability of 5 fire classes (A, B, C, E, F)
Extinguishing power higher than other aerosol fire extinguishing systems
No reduction of ambient oxygen
No pressure tank (superior to FM200 extinguishing system)
No need for plumbing (superior to Watermist fire extinguishing system)
Effective extinguishing particles smaller than 10 microns
No need for maintenance
No need for annual charging
No waste
5 years warranty and 10 years after-sales service of Hamyar Energy Company
No corrosion effect and no damage to equipment and documents
Places used Aerosol HE fire extinguishing system
Server rooms
Hotels and museums
Ships, trains and cars
Oil and gas extraction stations
military industries
Libraries and document centers and ...

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