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Fire alarm equipment


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Fire alarm equipment
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  • What is fire alarm equipment?

    The first step in dealing with any risk is to be aware of it. How do we know about a fire in a building? What happens if a fire breaks out when no one is there? Fire alarm equipment is a suitable solution to inform about the occurrence of fire. If the fire is reported in time, the chances of minimizing the costs increase greatly.

    In general, a fire alarm system has several devices that are connected and detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and other emergency situations and warn people through audio and visual equipment.

    Any space where there is a possibility of fire needs a fire alarm system that consists of fire alarm equipment. The fire alarm system has various components that must be prepared and used by professionals in this field. In each building, according to the type of use, the materials in the environment, the area of ​​the environment, the height of the ceiling, etc., the appropriate fire alarm system is designed and implemented.

    Fire alarm equipment

    These equipment are generally divided into the following:

    • detector
    • Fire alarm chassis
    • Siren
    • Central panel
    • Remote indicator
    • interface
    • repeater
    • Isolator
    • Loop card
    • Fire alarm cable
    • battery
    • Smoke test spray

    In this section, we are trying to familiarize the reader with the fire alarm system with a precise and technical introduction by showing appropriate photos of each fire alarm equipment.

    What is a fire alarm?

    In order to understand more, it is better to have a general reference about the arrangement of fire alarm parts next to each other. Stay with us.

    Equipment such as detectors are designed and manufactured to detect factors of fire such as light, smoke and heat. Fire alarm systems report both manually and automatically, and when the detectors detect a fire, they send the report as signals to the central panel, or the people present can press the thumb button. activate it, after that the washing causes the activation of the sirens and finally by producing sound it leads to the notification of other people in the environment.

    In general, push buttons should be used in routes where there is a lot of traffic and people can quickly inform others about the existence of fire by pressing the push button if they see a fire. These systems should be in Places should be installed where people can have quick access, the speed of action in fire detection is very important, alarms are usually installed in the exits, entrances and staircases, otherwise, automatic systems should be used for environment to be used. This device is a physical agent and is divided into two types:

    • Glass or lacquered
    • Pushable or resettable

    Washing breakable glass:

    Fire alarm equipment

    In order to activate these types of systems, the glass or its glass must be broken or pressed by hand or a special hammer placed next to this product. After doing this, the glass or glass of the device must be replaced to re can be used

    Push button or resettable:

    In order to activate these types of systems, the glass or its glass must be broken or pressed by hand or a special hammer placed next to this product. After doing this, the glass or glass of the device must be replaced to re can be used Push button or resettable:

    Resettable or push buttons, as their name suggests, can be returned to the original state after use and do not need to replace the glass or glass, these buttons can be reversed after use through the overall system or control panel. and the device reset button. When using the device, the sound of sirens will sound after 1 second, which may last up to 3 seconds in some cases.

    Automatic system:

    In automatic devices, with fire detection by detectors, the control panel system activates the sirens automatically.

    Manual systems:

    In manually operated systems, the fire alarm should be activated by the people present by pressing their thumbs.

    In general, fire extinguishers are important factors and equipment in the fire alarm industry, which are activated by humans. Bushes should be installed at a maximum distance of 30 meters from each other and 15 to 20 meters in high-risk places, and its height from the ground should be 1.4 meters, at least one bushing should be installed in all zones. On the thumbs, there is a specific key marked with the word FIRE, by pressing that word or key, the system is activated, also all thumbs have an LED number that works when activated. In each protection zone, there should also be a number of thumbs, fire alarm thumbs are usually red in color so that they can be seen better, and they are usually made of metal or polycarbonate. In some machines, an additional open and closed blade may be used in their electrical structure to send some processes. The reason for their name is that they are activated by hand.

    Thumb outputs include several types of signals, electrical and mechanical, reversible thumbs means that when the key is pressed, it returns to its original state due to the presence of a spring inside it, but unlike resettable thumbs, some The thumbs that are used in important and emergency environments are not reversible and if the key is pressed, it is locked and does not return to the initial state, in this case it must be released by the key.

    Shasti can be used in all wireless, conventional and addressable systems. In all fire alarm systems, the desired button must be installed in accordance with the same installed system and should not be different, because depending on the type of fire alarm system, the button operation is also different. Fire alarm systems include several other types in terms of installation and application, which include:

    • Conventional washing
    • addressable thumb
    • wireless (wireless)

    Addressable alarm: The exact location of the fire is determined in addressable alarms, which are usually used in large projects and buildings with many floors. The speed of action in fire extinguishing is very important, therefore one of the advantages of addressable thumb is that during a fire, it is possible to find the place of fire as soon as possible and start extinguishing the fire.

    Conventional switches: Conventional switches are installed using wiring and steel covers, which are determined by pressing the switch by the people present in the place, area or fire zone.

    Wireless handshakes: As their name suggests, wireless handshakes do not need wiring and communicate with the center through radio and wireless waves.

    Fire alarm equipment

    Fire extinguisher wiring:

    Two types of wires are connected to the thumbs and two wires come out, the negative and positive wires enter a separate channel.

    Performing the test and reset phase:

    • We put the key of the thumb lock into the lock and open the thumb.
    • We remove the key from the thumb.
    • We close the washing door.

    Placement of glass:

    • By placing the thumb key in the corresponding place, we open the thumb
    • We remove the key
    • We open the frame on it
    • We place the new glass
    • We close the frame
    • At the end, we close the thumb

    What is the price of the fire alarm:

    There are different types of thumbsticks, and naturally their prices vary according to different models, so that the thumbsticks that send information via waves (wireless) are more expensive than conventional and addressable models. Also, the quality of washing is very influential in its price. You can compare all firefighting equipment and safety equipment with different brands and prices by visiting the specialized and comprehensive website of Hyperfire and experience an easy and safe purchase.

    Also, if you want to get to know and buy different types of fire extinguishers, you will be able to finalize your order and purchase by referring to the “types of fire extinguishing extinguishers” section in Hyper firefighting equipment store.

    Fire alarm chassis – Fire alarm pusher

    An alarm push button with the ability to operate in a short time is installed in the corridors and exit doors, entrance areas and meeting places, which by pressing the special glass, sends a message to the fire alarm control center and after that, the programmed operation in the alarm system. The fire is activated.

    In the fire alarm system, the fire alarm pusher or chassis is an important device that sends the danger to the fire alarm system. It is important to consider the following when installing and sizing a fire alarm chassis:


    For the fire alarm to be effective, it must be located at the main exits or fire points. The general rule is to install devices evenly throughout the area and in visible locations.

    Placement height:

    The placement height is recommended between 1.2 and 1.6 meters. This height is ideal because children or people in wheelchairs can easily access the device at this height. Protective cover:

    For buildings where it is expensive to install an automatic fire alarm, a protective cover for the fire alarm chassis is recommended to prevent potential abuse.

    Audible warning:

    For areas where the use of this device requires notification, it is recommended to install an emergency phone next to the device. for example. Train station, emergency center.

    Special environment:

    For areas where the weather causes dust and water to penetrate the device and reduce the performance of the chassis in emergency situations, it is recommended to choose a waterproof and moisture-proof device. For chemical plants, refineries or other explosive environments, an explosion-proof fire alarm will be a more suitable choice.

    Fire alarm equipment

    fire alarm

    Addressable and conventional sirens

    A warning device that is activated by the fire alarm system in case of danger and informs residents and occupants by producing a sound with sufficient power.

    Fire alarm equipment

    Fire alarm flasher

    Imagine that in the fire alarm system, the wiring of the sirens is faulty, or the sirens do not work for any reason, or we need to be able to detect a fire remotely without having to hear the sound of the siren and be on site. Or, for example, you are in a hospital where you need to be notified of a fire by someone other than the siren. In this situation, you can use a device called a flasher. By being placed in the conventional and addressable fire alarm system, this equipment helps to draw the attention of the operator and other people to the fire.

    Flashers (fire alarm flasher) can be classified based on the amount of light dispersion, the type of light dispersion, the type of location inside or outside the building.

    Fire alarm flashers were first included in fire alarm equipment in the 1970s, flashers mostly existed as red or white incandescent lights and as accessories. In the 1980s, new fire alarm system installations included fire alarm flashers as standard, as the main advantages of being equipped with a flasher system were recognized.

    Fire flashers are essential in many types of applications, such as where loud noises in a busy factory prevent workers from hearing or where people may be wearing earplugs or ear protection. Fire alarm flashers draw the attention of those people and inform them that there may be an immediate danger.

    Another situation where fire alarm flashers can save lives is to let the hearing impaired or deaf know that there is a fire alarm situation. Just as hearing people react to an audible fire alarm, hearing impaired people know to react similarly to a fire alarm flasher and take appropriate action, such as evacuating the building.

    Fire alarm flashers work on the same principle as fire alarms, and it is often possible to purchase combination fire alarm flashers to reduce the number of devices in your fire alarm system.

    The flasher panel registers the fire signal from a fire detector, the alarms and flashers in the alarm system all receive a signal to activate. Traditionally, a fire alarm flasher gives an alarm with a red light. But you can buy flashers in colorless or blue housings.

    Fire alarm flashers are also available in different styles and designs, round flashers, square flashers, dome flashers and even waterproof flashers are available in the market so that you can choose the ideal fire alarm flasher according to the situation.

    Fire alarm equipment

    Fire alarm interface

    In fire alarm systems in both addressable or conventional types, peripheral equipment called “interface” or module can be used in order to establish communication and guide side systems in one possession, such as: elevator-pump Fire extinguishers – positive pressure blowers – exhaust fans and other equipment that need to be controlled from the fire alarm system and turned off or on are used. These mediators can be installed on the zone in the conventional system and on the loop in the addressable system, and depending on its type and the way of communication with peripheral equipment, they can disconnect or connect. Intermediary equipment can be controlled and cannot be used for power supply, especially for high consumption equipment.

    Interfaces are designed to connect fire detection systems to all or only some firefighting equipment such as sprinklers, sounds and alarms. You can buy a set of interface units depending on your price range and your needs and connect them together through interfaces. In fact, the System Interface (FSI) is a software development kit, with the help of which you can design the most advanced software programs for the communication of firefighting equipment. With the design of this tool, you can easily integrate addressable fire panel series in different types to make the most of all firefighting equipment when necessary.

    Features and benefits:

    • It is fully supervised to support style B and style D wiring.
    • Equipped with an LED that flashes green in normal conditions and turns red when alarmed.
    • Rotary addressable switch for quick installation.
    • SEMS screws allow for easy wiring.

    Fire alarm equipment

    Door light

    Fire indicator light (LED)

    It is a light that is used with light intensity according to valid standards and with a specific color for the awareness of the people present in the protected environment. Fire alarm lights and indicators should be installed near or above the entrance door of the place.

    Fire alarm equipment

    Hamyar Energy Company, as a specialized company in the field of fire fighting and fire fighting equipment, with years of experience in this field, provides all the equipment needed by users with the highest standard and the most appropriate price. To get acquainted and place your order, please contact the following phone numbers:


    09128932367 (call during business hours)

    You can also order all fire alarm products online at the Hyperfire online store and have them delivered to your home in the shortest possible time.

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