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Notification and fire extinguishing system of archives and document centers

سیستم اعلام و اطفا حریق بایگانی و مراکز اسناد

Notification and fire extinguishing system of archives

Solutions for notification and fire extinguishing systems of archives and document centers and banknote vaults:

Notification and fire extinguishing system of archives and document centers

Due to the expansion of information technology and the collection of paper documents in the form of data stored on servers, the need to store paper documents and securities and important previous and new documents and those documents that cannot be stored on computers is of great importance in document centers and rooms. will find. And the fire alarm and extinguishing system of archives and document centers shows its importance.

The notification and fire extinguishing system of archives and document centers and bank vaults and museums:

Due to the valuable nature of the documents, it is necessary to use an alarm and extinguishing system that firstly does not damage the documents in any way and secondly extinguishes the fire as soon as possible.

In class A fire, which is wood, paper, Zunken, paper, banknotes, gold, etc., all of which are available in the document archive. Deep burning materials are internal burning or in the term brain burning. which is possible in case of fire and containment. Once again the arrival of oxygen will activate its fire from the inside. Therefore, the extinguishing agent must have the ability to stay in the environment for at least 15 minutes to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished.

Fire notification of document and archive centers and banknote repositories:

In the fire alarm system of document centers, smoke and heat detectors or a combination must be used because the cause of fire in this class can be both of these factors.

All the steps are like announcing and extinguishing the fire of the server room, only in this project, depending on whether the center is isolated or not, the air sampling system can be used to detect smoke selectively, if it is not mandatory to use it.

The air flow system of these rooms is very important, if usually the exhaust system of fans or ventilation valves are used to ventilate the room, which must be done before extinguishing the fire with 24V motorized dampers in the shortest time before extinguishing these valves. To prevent gas from being wasted and spread.

This command is either through the flow switch, which is done in the case of manually extinguishing the cylinders, or the fire extinguishing panel, which is activated by a conductor relay inside the main electrical panel or the cooling system panel.

In the fire alarm system of archives and document centers, as it is usually located in lower floors or halls far from the central building, more audible signals are used. If these halls usually have larger dimensions than server rooms and data centers. That is, the number of sirens, flashers, and LED warning signs of gas discharge and emergency exit is usually more than a normal room.

As well as the protection of the entrance door, a fireproof metal door system with a security lock with a high reliability factor must be installed.

Notification and fire extinguishing system of archives and document centers

In the field of fire extinguishing in this center, the following solutions are usually suggested, and here we will check which solution has a higher safety for fire extinguishing:

Aerocell extinguishing system: This system is noticed by employers due to its advantages, the first advantage is that it does not require piping and installation as a wall package or inside a shelf.
In the next advantage of its local extinguishing, it is noted that the aerosol works locally and it is not necessary to empty all its cylinders. But due to the fact that in a large document hall, it is impossible to guess a fire that started in a part of the document center and was extinguished because it is a class A fire and it can be activated again.
NFPA2010 standard paragraph with number 7, 4, 2, 1, aerosol extinguisher is capable of extinguishing fire in fire classes A, fire class B (except for places that contain flammable vapors and particles in the air), fire class C.

Therefore, due to the deep burning of the goods, we should consider the system TOTAL FLOODING, that is, all the fire extinguishing materials in the room should be emptied, in other words, the entire volume of the room should be filled with fire extinguishing materials.


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