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Everything about the fire sign

Most of us take safety signs and fire signs for granted. But while we might not notice them on a normal day, in a real emergency they can be the difference between life and death. This is precisely why they are an essential element of any business’s fire safety strategy.

Why are fire safety signs so important?

It is very important that everyone in a building is aware of the nearest fire exit, escape routes, and where to find fire equipment. Fire signs are essential to guide the occupants of your business premises in the event of a fire. If employees and visitors do not know where the nearest fire extinguisher and equipment are located, they may be at risk of serious injury.

Are fire safety signs required by law?

Your business must comply with the (Fire Safety) Regulations Amendment Order. This life saving law includes all fire safety laws and safety regulations. Fire exit signs are an important part of health and safety regulations and should be clearly marked as well as clear of obstructions. Some fire signs have directional arrows and running figures to clearly show people how to get to the nearest exit.

The most important cases of using fire extinguishers can be mentioned in public places such as subways, arcades, hotels, towers, hospitals and large and small buildings. These signs should be designed in night color so that people can find them in the dark in addition to having better visibility at night. Because power outages may make it difficult to find an exit during accidents. For example, fire exit signs display important information to inform people where to go in the event of a fire or other emergency that requires a quick exit from a building.

Fire signs and signs have HD quality and are produced using the best quality aluminum through the heat sublimation process. Fast aluminum is lightweight and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It’s called ChromaLuxe HD aluminum, and it’s not only scratch-resistant, but also UV-resistant. It can be easily installed on the wall using double-sided tape, screws or using the back plate. These signs are sure to last a long time and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

Floor guide board (Shabarangi)


fire sign

Exit sign (Shabarangi)

fire sign

fire engine reel sign (black)

fire sign

Notice board of fire fighting equipment – fire box (Shabarangi)

fire sign

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