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No. 61, 2nd floor, unit 5, above 8th St., Geisha St. (Koi Nasr), Tehran.

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        +989128932367   :mobile       

 fax:  in120   57854-+9821




He is an energy partner of Danesh Banyan Company in the field of fire fighting and fire extinguishing equipment, and he is honored to receive the certificate of Danesh Banyan Company in the field of advanced technologies in the field of production from the working group to evaluate and recognize the competence of Danesh Banyan companies and institutions of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. has it Hamiyar Energy Group was established in 2009 and in these years, it has become one of the leading companies in the field of fire fighting with its efforts in the field of design, production and implementation of fire alarm and extinguishing systems. Creativity, knowledge and experience of more than a decade of activity in the field of safety and firefighting industry, made it design, manufacture and supply to domestic and foreign markets quality products in compliance with international standards.

Honored to work with

Consulting - design - approval - safety - fire prevention To buy safety equipment - fire extinguishing - fire alarm - fire fighting equipment For your company or apartment or organization, you can fill out the opposite form of the service Use the energy partner, which is a detailed and specialized consultation in this matter It is not enough to spend money to have a safe environment Spend the right amount with expert advice

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Frequently asked questions about the fire control panel

Frequently asked questions about the fire control panel

1 November 2022 Fire-fighting equipment

Fire control panel The fire control panel is a safety device that commercial buildings are

Hamiyar and Kara extinguishing capsules

Hamiyar and Kara extinguishing capsules

23 October 2022 Firefighting equipment

Hamiyar Energy Company produces Hamiyar and Kara brand capsules In addition to commercial and service

Types of fire extinguishers

Types of fire extinguishers

11 October 2022 Firefighting equipment

Fire extinguisher Portable fire extinguishers are designed to be easily used for small and controllable


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