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Manual aerosol

استاندارد ایران
Iranian standard
تاییدیه آتش نشانی
Organization approval
برند h.E
Brand H.E

Aerocell is one of the important gas fire extinguishing equipment designed and produced by Hamiyar Energy. If you are looking for a good gas fire extinguishing system at a very reasonable price and you plan to equip your building, company or any other place with a good fire extinguishing system at a reasonable price, Aerocel H.E gas fire extinguisher is the best choice for you. In the future, stay with Hamyar Energy to discuss this practical product.

Body material: metal
Extinction speed: 3 to 15 seconds
Body material: ABS plastic
Moisture resistance: 95%
Internal certificate: National Standard Organization of Iran

Maybe you don’t know exactly what to do when faced with a fire, and you haven’t taken a firefighting course either. With up-to-date knowledge and skilled experts in this field, Associate Energy has been able to produce a product that can be used simply and without basic knowledge. H.E hand aerosol is another one of the best products of Hamyar Energy that you can control the fire easily with this product.

How does H.E. manual aerosol work?

H.E manual aerosol works like a fire extinguisher and does not require basic knowledge and all ages can use it. H.E manual aerosol can extinguish all classes of fire and is activated simply by using the button it has. This product has a protector and by removing it, you can access the product’s red button and simply activate it.

H.E manual aerosol extinguishing coating

H.E hand aerosol can extinguish like a 6 kg fire extinguisher. When your car, server, laptop, or any other object catches fire, you can easily extinguish it all with H.E’s handheld aerosol.

Manual aerosol

Application of manual aerosol extinguisher H.E

H.E manual aerosol fire extinguisher is used in all places and can extinguish different types of fire. H.E manual aerosol can be used in offices, cars, server rooms, residential complexes, hotels, repair shops, parking lots, kitchens, etc. H.E hand aerosol is the best alternative to fire extinguishers and it is much easier to use than fire extinguishers.

Advantages of manual aerosol H.E

  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Ability to extinguish fire groups A, B, C, D, F, E
  • Suitable for all environments and spaces
  • High fire extinguishing power
  • No residue
  • non-toxic
  • rechargeable
  • Very easy to install
  • No need for electricity, controller and charger
  • Simultaneous replacement of powder extinguishers and CO2
  • The price is right
  • No need for recharging, maintenance up to 15 years
  • Proper coverage
  • No equipment required

Businesses that use H.E.’s hand-held aerosol

Hamyar Energy manual aerosol fire extinguisher can be used for all jobs and can be used in all places. If you own a business or are looking for a fire extinguisher for your home, building, car, etc., H.E hand aerosol is the best choice for you.

Manual aerosol

In which places can you use Hamyar Energy’s hand-held aerosol?

H.E manual aerosol fire extinguisher can be used in all places such as closed and open places. If there is a fire in the building or house, you can use this product even without basic knowledge and simply put out all the fire.

Activation time of manual aerosol H.E

The H.E manual aerosol activation time is less than 10 seconds and can be activated quickly. If there is a fire in a place, you can quickly control it with this product.

How to install a hand-held Aerocel of Hamyar Energy

H.E hand held aerosol can be easily installed on the wall or any other place. It should be noted that this product does not need to be installed and you can use it in the same way. At the time of seeing the fire, take the H.E hand held aerosol and remove its protection and press the red button to activate.

Why should we use H.E manual aerosol?

H.E hand aerosol is the latest and most modern product of Hamyar Energy, which has no internal model and replaces the fire extinguisher. Hamyar Energy manual aerosol does not need to be charged and can be ready to work for up to 15 years without needing to be recharged. If you are planning to buy a fire extinguisher, a hand-held aerosol can be the best option for a fire extinguisher.

Manual aerosol

How to buy H.E. manual aerosol

If you intend to buy H.E hand-held aerosol, you can place your order by calling 021-57854.

H.E. Hand Aerosol Safety Warning

All products have their own safety warnings, and H.E hand aerosol is no exception to this rule, and we will discuss these safety warnings below:

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not touch the red body of the H.E manual aerosol when it is activated
  • Keep away from the face
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

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