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Design and implementation of gas fire extinguishing systems

طراحی و اجرای سیستم های اطفای حریق گازی

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Design and implementation of gas fire extinguishing systems

Design and implementation of gas fire extinguishing systems

Gas fire extinguishing systems are used in centers such as server rooms, data centers, reservoirs of works of art, electrical substations, production centers with electrical devices and similar uses where the equipment and supplies in that space are sensitive and expensive.
In such a space, the fire extinguishing system must extinguish the fire without damaging the equipment. They should also be isolated from the outside environment so that the gas can spread in the environment with the right concentration and use the property of diluting the oxygen in the environment and breaking the fire chain. FM200 or IG55 gas is spread in the desired space and covers the environment when the sensors are commanded by the pipelines and the spray of special nozzles.

The design and implementation of gas fire extinguishing systems is carried out by the experts of this company based on the NFPA standard and based on the NFPA 2001 code in the clean agent section.
The cylinders designed and used by this company comply with D.O.T. The specification is 4BW500 or 4BA500 and the standard conditions and pressure of FM200 gas inside these capsules are provided by charging nitrogen gas up to 25 bar pressure at 21 degrees Celsius.

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