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The FM200 system (HFC227ea) is chemically known as Heptafluoropropane and is a colorless gas that is stored as a liquid under pressure for storage. This type of fire protection system has zero ozone depletion potential and is suitable for use in the environment. under exploitation is appropriate.



FM200 fire extinguishing system

FM200 gas is offered as a replacement for halons in the firefighting industry and does not have the problems that halons caused for the environment. Halon family gases penetrate the upper layers of the atmosphere after being released into the environment due to their high stability. Sun and cosmic rays have high power. Among these rays, we can mention ultraviolet rays. Halons lose their stability under the influence of ultraviolet rays, for example, the most famous gas of the Halon family is Halon 1301, which is called Bromo tri fluoro methane, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the stability of the current compound is lost and the bond of bromine element with carbon in The compound breaks down and the released bromine reacts with the combined oxygen in ozone, therefore, with the breaking of the oxygen bond in the ozone compound, the ozone layer in the atmosphere is destroyed. It is resistant in the upper layers of the atmosphere and reacts with ozone in the atmosphere. And its chemical formula is 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Hepta fluoropropane, FM200 features include the following .


fm200 esfahan FM200 fire extinguishing system

If the FM200 fluid comes into contact with the eyes, the eyes should be washed immediately with warm water and the eyes should be kept open for at least 15 minutes, until the examination by an ophthalmologist.

Based on the design factors, fm200 capsules may be placed in the fire environment, in which case measures should be taken to keep the capsules cool. Because there is a possibility of the capsules exploding due to the high heat of the fire.

How FM200 works on fire:
FM200 gas has the ability to extinguish fire classes A, B, C, D, E and widely in extinguishing class E, which is related to electrical and electronic equipment, and its mode of operation is flooding in the protected environment and with Filling the environment under protection and diluting the oxygen of the environment and breaking the fire chain makes the extinguishing action, since FM200 gas is an expensive gas, so it is affordable to use in cases where a small volume is covered.
The implementation of the FM200 system for server rooms, computer rooms, data centers, etc., requires the implementation of piping for the desired site, which is among the other requirements for the implementation of this system. The used one should be placed near the fire place and mainly inside the server room, computer room, etc., which is one of the shortcomings of this system. Also, other equipment used in this fire extinguishing system can be activated solenoid valve or cylinder. The commander indicated the activation of the fire extinguishing system, high pressure discharge hoses and special nozzles for discharge in the protected environment.
The FM200 fire extinguishing system designed to be activated and enter the extinguishing stage requires the activation of the system by the fire detection and alarm system, which has a control panel system with fire detection equipment in the form of smoke detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors and Heat and hand washing are fire alarm, fire extinguishing (emptying the capsules) and not extinguishing the fire (not emptying the capsules).

The design, implementation, testing and maintenance of the system is based on the NFPA standard. The code related to the FM200 fluid is related to the clean agent part, which the NFPA 2001 code is related to.
Cylinders designed and manufactured by the manufacturing companies must comply with D.O.T. Specification 4BW500 or 4BA500. FM200 gas pressure inside these capsules is provided by nitrogen gas charging up to 25 bar pressure at 21 degrees Celsius.

The valves used in FM200 capsules are made of brass, which has high pressure resistance and also has high hammerability. The valves related to the cylinder heads have a pressure indicator, which is used for periodic pressure control by this indicator.

The nozzles used in the FM200 system are made of aluminum, the manufacturing company must have UL approval and engrave the relevant number on the product.

طراحی و اجرای سیستم های اطفای حریق گازی

The FM200 (HFC227ea) system is chemically known as Heptafluoropropane and is a colorless gas that is stored as a liquid under pressure for storage. This type of fire protection system has zero ozone depletion potential and is suitable for use in environments It is under proper operation.

FM200 fire extinguishing system
The function of this gas is to absorb heat from the flame and fuel and reduce the temperature to the point where the flame cannot breathe (stay lit) and thus extinguish the fire. FM200 settles quickly, cleans and leaves no oily residue, particles or water after extinguishing. The FM200 extinguishing system reaches fire extinguishing level in less than 10 seconds and suppresses combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. When the fire is extinguished quickly, it means less damage and reconstruction costs. This also means minimal downtime and disruption to the business.


Fire extinguishing fm2001 Fire extinguishing system FM200


FM200 can be accessed immediately to protect dangerous, critical areas and valuable assets. Also to protect telecommunication and electronic equipment and most liquids

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