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side response Quick sprinkler


The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler is one of the high-quality products of Hamyar Energy, which is activated in case of fire and can control the fire well. This product is designed and manufactured by Hamyar Energy and if you are looking for a good water fire extinguishing system, this product can be suitable for you.

How does a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler work?

The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler fire extinguishing product that can be activated after a fire and sprays water well towards the arm and extinguishes the fire. This product can perform well in closed spaces and with its bulb it can control fire well.

Quick-Response Side Sprinkler coverage

The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler has a very good coverage and can have a good coverage and do extinguishing well. If you use this fire extinguishing system in every room and living room of the house, it can prevent fire very well. This water fire extinguishing system can be used in wood and paper factories, as well as buildings, etc.

The application of a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler

The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler can contain the fire in the best possible way, and after the fire, the bulb bursts and the fire extinguishing begins. This fire extinguishing system is used in closed places such as companies, buildings, etc.

side response Quick sprinkler

Advantages of a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler

The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler has the following advantages:

  • non-toxic
  • The ability to extinguish the fire of flammable liquids and solids
  • Easy installation
  • The price is right

Quick-Response Side Sprinkler jobs

Businesses such as carpentry, food and stationery stores, textiles and libraries use it. If your job is related to cloth, wood and paper, sprinkler can be the best choice for you. Also, sprinkler is the best choice for offices and buildings.

In which places can you use a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler?

In closed places such as buildings and offices, sprinkler can be the best choice and control the fire well. If you buy a sprinkler for your office, company, or building and home, the quick reaction hugger sprinkler of the energy partner can be the best choice for you.

side response Quick sprinkler

Quick-Response Side Sprinkler activation time

The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler can be activated at temperatures of 57, 68, 79, 93, and 141 degrees and a K factor of 5.6. The activation time varies depending on the bulb, and if the temperature near the sprinkler reaches the desired numbers, the bulb will burst and start extinguishing the fire.

How to install a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler

A Quick-Response Side Sprinkler is attached to the ceiling and is part of a fire suppression system that can be connected to a fire alarm system but works well without a fire alarm system. The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler is connected to the sprinkler water hose and can do water fire extinguishing well.

Why should we use a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler?

This product can work well in places where a water fire extinguishing system is needed. Sprinkler can work very well in wood, paper, etc. factories. It can also perform well in buildings and offices.

side response Quick sprinkler

How to buy a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler

If you are planning to buy a Quick-Response Side Sprinkler, Hamyar Energy is one of the largest manufacturers of quick response sprinkler that has launched very high quality products and you can buy these products at a very reasonable price.

Quick-Response Side Sprinkler Safety Alert

The Quick-Response Side Sprinkler has safety warnings, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Do not place the Quick-Response Side Sprinkler under a direct flame.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Choose the right sprinkler bulb depending on the ambient temperature.


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