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The prevention method begins by quickly finding fire characteristics in space and ends with fire and shutdown of the fire.

The use of smoke detection systems that act as an active system is one of the solutions engineers have designed to prevent and spread fire in

server rooms and data centers as a prerequisite for the use of systems (Passive Optical Smoke Detection It is important to note that due to

the deep nature of the type of fire formed in the PCB circuits, the server room and data center racks do not recommend the use of the above

equipment, which is usually installed on the server chassis ceiling, due to There is a lot of time spent on smoke detection and, in general,

prolonging this process, causing more damage Eventually, the destruction of each of the boards will be. In the new Active type, a smoke

suction system is used. The system employs the ambient air at each instant by the holes in it, and it is sampled by the pipes connected to it

and the holes that are fitted with the specifics on each channel (pipe). This sampling of ultrafine particles with a size of about 0.005 Obs / m

at any point in the production is detected by the laser chamber and transmits through the communication cables to the control panel's alarm

message panel and the siren Or a flasher connected to it. These systems are known as Air Sampling Smoke Detection Apparatus.

The design of the pipes in the rooms of the server (server room) or datacenter is in several ways. These tubes can be directed to the Rack or

to the Rack or to flexible tubing into the Rack or even the UPS to allow air inside the air to circulate inside the rack. By doing this, instead of

waiting for smoke to reach the ceiling, at the very moment the smoke is produced, a fire alarm alert will sound at the Pre-Alarm stage.

In this case, smoke is also detected by the system, even at a stage that is generated and invisible. In the next steps, over time and adding to

the amount of smoke generated, the level of alarms, such as Alarm 1 and Alarm 2, will eventually be sent to the Action signal for the final

announcement or disinfection of the system.

Fire room fire server

Increased temperature, short circuit in electronic circuits, or power supply equipment and excessive current consumption can be referred to

as firefighting factors in the server room or data centers. Due to the sensitivity of the network equipment and the computer and its destruction

at a higher temperature than the permissible limit, even though the fire has not spread to all points, the burning of electronic components is very large.

Due to the large amount of cable used in the server rooms and datacenters or the Data Center, because cables are connected directly to

other devices at distances, so the fire can be extended very quickly. Linear Heat Detector is best used to prevent fire from cables.

The cables are located on the server server floor and on the cable trays. Linear detectors are fitted to the cable trays in a sinewave after

the necessary engineering calculations on the computer network cables. Now, if any unauthorized heating network cable is raised, the linear

detectors linearly heat the LHD directly and send a signal to the fire alarm panel so that the relevant users do something to prevent the temperature rise.

Fire room fire server

The design of specialists is not only a matter of preventing the occurrence of fire but also of speeding it up. Because in all circumstances

there is a possibility of fire occurring and extending it in the servers of the server and datacenter datacenters. Therefore, it is better to use

a firewall system along with a fire alarm system. The remarkable thing is that in these spaces, a fire extinguishing system can not be used,

because if any fire occurs and fire fighting occurs for any reason, all electrical equipment will be seriously damaged or completely disrupted.

Therefore, the Sprinkler system does not have a firewall system in the server rooms or database centers. In the automatic fire extinguishing

system, many of the existing gases, such as carbon dioxide or CO2, which, due to the elimination of an important source of fire, oxygen, are very

dangerous to humans and cause human choking. Therefore, you should use halogenated carbon dioxide (FM 200) or pyrogen aerosol

(Pyrogen Aerosol) as a good foaming agent.

For the first two groups, HFC 125 and HFC 227 EA gases, comparisons can be made as follows.

HFC 125 as opposed to HFC 227 EA in firewall server:

· Lower weight.

· An equal volume of space requires less gas. · It has a higher rate of gas distribution.

· Less space is required to hold cylinders.

· Less metal equipment and structure to be used for installation.

· Less cost to use in the project. Here's how to compare gas HFC 125 and Inert Gas to get more benefits from HFC 125 gas.

HFC 125 relative to Inert Gas in firewall firewall:

· Has variable gas volume inside cylinders. The Inert Gas gas volume is not regulated inside the cylinder with exhaust air.

· Have lower performance pressure. In Inert Gas requires 200 times the pressure to discharge gas, while the HFC 125 gas is 52 times.

· Cheaper devices are used because they do not require a lot of pressure to handle, therefore, the materials used to make the system's

accessories have a lower coefficient of bearing and the type of metal consumed is of a thinner thickness.

In an equal volume of space, the number of cylinders is used less (about half). So it will occupy less space in the project.

· Less maintenance costs. The annual maintenance cost of the HFC 125 system is about 3% of the cost of supply,

while the cost for the Inert Gas system is about 5%.

Designing fire alarm system in server room (data center):

Since the firewall system is important in the server room, it is recommended that you visit a site prior to submitting any plan to visit

the location that the expert usually visits by visiting your server room to try the following information Pick up:

1- The exact dimensions of the server room or data center in meters and north length and width and height

2- If the server room has a false ceiling or false floor, the type of ceiling and false floor as well as their height in design is very influential.

3. The number and type of racks as well as through arrangement and arrangement of racks is one of the factors influencing the design

of the system.

4. If the desired server room has a cooling or cooling system, due to the effect on gas spraying and the environment coverage speed,

the type of cooling system used will be effective.

5. The exact location and location of the server room includes the city, the floor where the server room is located

6. Server room zoning in the sense that the server room is divided into different parts such as monitor room, power room, etc.

7. The number and type of electrical switchboard used in the server room

Server Fire Firing Components:

Firewall firewall includes the following components:

1) Fire detection system includes detectors

2- Server control and firewall control and management system

3- Server room firewall

4-Door fire extinguisher cylinder

5. Emergency power system to fire the server room

6- Recipe to work with firewall system server

7- Recipe after evacuating the firewall system

8. Recipe for maintaining the firewall system

Firefighting the server room through what gases can be implemented:

1 - fm200 gas fire extinguishing system

2. Inactive gas fire extinguishing system

3. Fire fighting system co2

4. Fire retardant system

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