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History of sprinkler fire extinguishing system

تاریخچه سیستم اطفای حریق اسپرینکلر (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler fire extinguishing system History of sprinklers Sprinkler fire extinguishing system is an active fire protection method. This system consists of a water source that provides sufficient pressure and flow rate for a set of water distribution pipes and several sprinklers are connected to it. Although in the past this system was only used in […]

Safety at airports

ایمنی در فرودگاه ها

In order to deal with possible accidents in large international airports where giant airplanes such as A380 travel, traditional and old equipment are not efficient and effective, and modern equipment should be used in the field of fire extinguishing. 8×8 NEW PANTHER airport fire trucks and airplane escape stairs are the latest equipment manufactured by […]

High risk areas with high fire potential

مناطق پر خطر با پتانسیل حریق بالا

Why do we classify risk areas? This is the first basic question that we must answer, why do we classify the areas and the things in them and consider them dangerous? Due to the fact that normal electrical equipment such as motors or lamps cannot be used in such areas without taking into account some […]

Mechanical ventilation by channel method

تهویه مکانیکی

Mechanical ventilation by channel method The mechanical ventilation system must be independent from other facility systems of the building (except the systems that carry out the normal ventilation of the parking lot) and its capacity should be such that it meets the conditions of paragraphs 2 and 10. 1- The mechanical ventilation system must be […]

Misconceptions about sprinkler fire extinguishing system

باورهای غلط در مورد سیستم اطفا حریق اسپرینکلر

Misconceptions about sprinkler fire extinguishing system Today, there are rarely any misconceptions about sprinkler fire extinguishing systems that are spread through the media, in fact, the media is sometimes spreading harmful falsehoods about how sprinkler systems work. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can lead many people to think that these safety tools are unreliable, click here to […]

The use of robotics in firefighting

استفاده از رباتیک در آتش‌نشانی

Robotics in firefighting Fire extinguishing by robotic firefighting systems Fire is a classic element that has been on earth in equal measure since before the beginning of written history. Fire has many positive qualities, including heat, energy, purification, etc., but out of control, it can be very dangerous. Structure, vehicle, ship, aircraft fire can wreak […]

Technology and intelligence in the fire department that transforms this service

فناوری و هوشمندسازی در آتش نشانی که این سرویس را متحول می کند

Types of technology and intelligence in firefighting Technology and intelligence in firefighting, such as the use of artificial intelligence, mixed reality or autonomous vehicles, can be used and are being used today in ways that were not even imagined a decade ago. Mixed reality is a combination of physical and digital world that facilitates the […]

Types of fire fighting methods in the world

انواع روش های مبارزه با آتش سوزی در جهان

Fire in the world Sensors and drones help predict fires in time and prevent them from spreading. In the past few years, we have seen many incidents including forest fires, because different places in the world are facing drier and hotter weather due to climate change, so digital technology can play a major role in […]

A terrible fire in Australia and saving animals with the help of firefighters

حریق مهیب در استرالیا و نجات جانوران به کمک آتش نشانان

Fire in Australia Forest fire is a common phenomenon in Australia, because the climate of this region is generally a hot and dry climate, which puts life and infrastructure at a high risk of fire in the hotter months of summer and spring. equals A wildfire that has burned an area the size of Belgium […]

13 facts about firefighting jobs

۱۳ واقعیت در مورد شغل آتش نشانی

Facts about fire fighters Have you ever wondered about the facts about a firefighter job? Do you know what questions are asked by most people who work in fire brigades? Few of us know that firefighters actually have to rescue even frightened cats from under trees, or that their uniforms can withstand a direct hit […]

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