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A terrible fire in Australia and saving animals with the help of firefighters

حریق مهیب در استرالیا و نجات جانوران به کمک آتش نشانان

Fire in Australia

Fire in Australia

Forest fire is a common phenomenon in Australia, because the climate of this region is generally a hot and dry climate, which puts life and infrastructure at a high risk of fire in the hotter months of summer and spring. equals A wildfire that has burned an area the size of Belgium since the beginning of October has killed thousands of animals and is now at risk of extinction. Millions of hectares were lost, which has a tragic effect on wildlife and plants. Australian firefighters have been praised for rescuing a group of endangered koalas following the devastating fires in Australia.

With the continuation of massive fires in Australia, half a billion animals were lost in the forests of this country, which is the habitat of 244 animal species. Studies show that almost half a billion animals have been killed in fires in different regions of Australia. Animal species that are less mobile and depend on the forest are more at risk.

Small marsupials, as well as the glossy black-crested parrot, have been wiped out in recent fires. However, ecologists are trying to find some of these animals and save them before they disappear completely. According to experts, large animals such as kangaroos and many birds are able to escape and stay away from the fire, but animal species such as koalas with less mobility and smaller species that depend more on the forest are more at risk.

This image, shared by Janelle Michalowski, shows the koalas huddled together in a hallway, with one clinging to the wall out of sheer fear.

In praise of the fire department named Adam and his team in Australia, Mrs. Michalowski wrote:

“Adam is a firefighter and currently works in various fields including firefighting. Another firefighter named Francis wrote in an article: “His team has also saved three other koalas, and he was also taking care of one of them who was severely burned at his home.”

He later wrote: “I was told that Adam doesn’t understand why so many people praise him and he says it’s just part of his job as a volunteer firefighter.”

Fire in Australia

At the same time, concern for the lives and safety of koalas has grown since the fires began, prompting a fundraising effort to help the animals to become the most successful GoFundMe campaign in the country’s history. In early December, New South Wales, an Australian state, launched a parliamentary inquiry into the plight of koalas after fires destroyed millions of hectares of forest and habitat.

Mark Graham, an ecologist at the Nature Conservancy, said: “Koalas really don’t have the ability to move quickly to get away from unprecedented fires, and we’ve lost such a large part of known koala habitat in this fire.” I think we can say without any doubt that there will be a continuous decline in the koala population from now on.”

Fire in Australia

In the town of Culnoura, firefighters were stationed outside a house, preparing to attend the massive blaze. Inside, Narelle Davis and Jill Gilbert were cooking sausages on the stove, and the kangaroo sat restlessly on a blanket.
The family told Guardian Australia that they raised the eastern gray kangaroo from a young age and fed it by hand. After that, they released him and allowed him to run wild for years.

Fire in Australia

Now, with such a terrible fire, he appears at their front door, seeking shelter.

“He’s wild now but he got into the house and I’ve kept him because of the fire,” Davies told Guardian Australia.

In Lobthal in the Adelaide Hills, another town where another fire station was located, two koalas came out of the bushes for their lives. In fact, they were asking for help from the best person who could help them. Dale Adams, a fire service lieutenant, took a photo of his colleague. He said that Koala came out while behind all the houses were burning, it was nothing but to save his life and ask for help from the firemen. He said: The koalas were given water and moved to a safer place.

In Western New York, relatives of another volunteer firefighter shared these incredible images of a female ring-tailed lemur escaping the flames and finding safety inside an RFS helmet.

Fire in Australia

And finally, a Boeing 737 aircraft was used for the first time to extinguish these terrible flames. Australian officials say that by manipulating and making changes to this plane, which is mainly a passenger, they have used it to put out forest fires in New South Wales. This plane can carry 15,000 liters (nearly 4,000 gallons) of water. One of the advantages of this plane for extinguishing fire, apart from the ability to carry water, is the transportation of firefighters. The plane was dropping fire extinguishing materials on the areas where the fire was progressing. In this fire, volunteer firefighters from different Canadian provinces gave up their Christmas vacations and traveled to this country to help end the fire crisis in Australia.

Fire in Australia

After the terrible fire in Australia and saving the animals with the help of firefighters, Australia reached the period of fire and water war. That is, after weeks of facing bush and forest fires, three eastern states of Australia were affected by floods. In these states, it rained three times the average of the month in just 12 hours. Highways were blocked and parts of New South Wales were without power. Heavy rains in eastern Australia helped extinguish bushfires and forests, but caused new problems, including massive floods in the three states of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Firefighters in this state were trying to put out the remaining fires by taking advantage of these weather conditions and lowering the air temperature.

The eastern banks were still burning and lightning had even started new fires. Also, the flooding of the passages and roads had disrupted the work of the firefighters and the rescue. In the meantime, you can see pictures of firefighters and environmentalists who have tried their best to save the lives of endangered animals.

Fire in Australia

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