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Safety at airports

ایمنی در فرودگاه ها

In order to deal with possible accidents in large international airports where giant airplanes such as A380 travel, traditional and old equipment are not efficient and effective, and modern equipment should be used in the field of fire extinguishing.

8×8 NEW PANTHER airport fire trucks and airplane escape stairs are the latest equipment manufactured by Rosenbauer to ensure safety and peace in airports.

Airport car NEW PANTHER 8*8

Safety at airports

Panther 8×8 is the most powerful rescue and firefighting vehicle made by Rosenbauer. This vehicle is used in important and international airports where giant airplanes travel or in airports with special safety and firefighting regulations such as Acceleration, maximum speed and fire extinguishing capacity are observed and used by fire fighting vehicles.
Panther 8×8 has quickly opened its place in the most important airports in the world and has been present in them. From the two airports of Paris to Berlin or Dusseldorf, Athens, Geneva, Oslo, Moscow, Prague, etc. are the leading cities in preparing and using the Rosenbauer airport wonder. In Asia and in the world’s largest airport in terms of passenger volume (Beijing Airport, China), Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, you will also see the 8×8 Panther car.
Also, the airports of India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Japan, Cape Town, and Johannesburg are not far behind the caravan of Panther 8×8 car users.
In 1992, the first 8×8 Panther car was launched at Geneva Airport. Now the production of this car has started its fourth generation. In the fourth generation, this car has better parameters in terms of driving performance and fire extinguishing capability, more safety for the driver and firefighters in the car, and more comfort and accuracy.
The components of this car, including chassis, body, electronic equipment and fire extinguishing equipment, are made by one manufacturer, Rosenbauer.
Also, Rosenbauer has produced a very strong water pump model called N110 for NEW PANTHER 8×8.

Amazing specifications of Panther 8*8:

Chassis: manufactured by Rosenbauer
Engine: 2 D16 model valve engines with Euro5 standard (Euro6 is optional)
Engine power: 1.030 kW (1400 horsepower)
Brake: Disc
Passenger: 5 1
Extinguishing agent: up to 16800 liters of water and 2200 liters of foam and 500 kg of powder/carbon dioxide
Pump: N110 model with water capacity of 10000 liters per minute with 10 bar pressure
Foam system: Fomatic E
Ceiling monitor: RM80 model with a capacity of 9000 liters per minute
Ceiling monitor launch range: 100 meters of water, 90 meters during foam operation
Car front monitor: RM35 model with a capacity of 4750 liters per minute
Throwing range of the monitor in front of the car: 85 meters of water and 76 meters during foam operation
Canvas: as an option – STINGER with a height of 16 or 20 meters
Car dimensions: 13.1 meters long, 3 meters wide, 3.7 meters high
Weight: 52 tons
Acceleration: from zero to 80 km in less than 25 seconds
Maximum speed: 135 km per hour
Ability to operate while moving: Yes (PUMP & ROLL capability)

Safety at airports

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