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Fire fighting equipment

تجهیزات اطفای حریق

The importance of fire fighting equipment

When danger occurs, how to deal with it is very important. It is true that accidents should be avoided by observing safety precautions, but there is a possibility of something happening and you should be prepared to deal with it properly. What to do during a fire? Is the way to deal with different fires the same? Are the materials, environmental conditions, etc. important in the fire fighting strategy? Are the fire extinguishing equipment selected correctly? Are the fire extinguishers in the right place so that we can access them in case of a fire?

Fire extinguishing equipment is one of the most important and effective categories in firefighting equipment. A fire suppression system designed by a professional provides the best possible protection for people and their property. In fact, it minimizes the damage in case of fire. Fire extinguishing agents are different depending on the type of fire. For example, in each of the fires related to electric, non-electric, flammable liquids, wood and paper, fat or oil, metal, chemicals, etc., fire extinguishing equipment is used according to the type of fire. .

Fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment

Fire extinguishing equipment is generally divided into the following:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • sprinkler
  • fire box
  • Fire extinguisher powder
  • fire extinguisher
  • aerosol
  • Sprinkler frame
  • Gas fire extinguishing
  • faucets
  • reel
  • hose
  • nozzle
  • connections

You, dear customer, from now on you will be able to place an order online for Hamyar Energy fire extinguishing equipment through the Hyperfire online store, so that you can have these products in your apartment or business place in the shortest possible time and at the most suitable price. Use it yourself and ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

As a specialized company in the field of firefighting and firefighting equipment, Hamyar Energy Company, with years of experience in this field, provides all the firefighting equipment needed by users with the highest standard and the most appropriate price.

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