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Fire-fighting equipment

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Fire-fighting equipment

What is firefighting equipment? How is this equipment used? These questions are examples of questions that every person in today’s society should be able to answer correctly in order to maintain their safety and health. Fire extinguishers or fire extinguishers are devices designed to extinguish a fire or protect the user from fire. Due to the importance of people’s safety against the dangers of fire, it is very important to know and use the standard fire extinguishers correctly.

Fire-fighting equipment

Fire-fighting equipment

In general, the equipment is divided into the following five general categories:

  • fire alarm
  • fire extinguishing
  • Technical safety equipment
  • Fire prevention equipment
  • Personal protective equipment

Each category has various subcategories. In this section, we are trying to familiarize the reader with these equipments with a detailed and technical introduction by showing appropriate photos of each of the mentioned categories and sub-categories.

Hamyar Energy Company, as a specialized company in the field of fire fighting with years of experience in this field, provides all the equipment needed by users with the highest standards and the best prices. To find out and place your order, please contact the following phone numbers:

(021) – 88487008 – 88487009

You can also place your order online by visiting the hiperfire online store and get it delivered to your home in the shortest possible time.

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