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Fire truck ladder

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Safety in the fire truck ladder

The new safety option of the Magirus turntable fire truck ladder is able to quickly detect danger.
This system supports safe and effective rescue operations. The first version of this new device will be delivered to Essen Fire Department. LED spotlights illuminate the entire perimeter of the ladder from the moment it starts until it reaches the highest height. Accurate positioning of turntable ladders is the first step for safe and quick rescue operations. Obstacles such as building overhangs and overhead power lines create significant hazards in the dark of night and when daylight is scarce, which, if not addressed in time, can waste a lot of time repositioning the ladder.
The new Magirus SkyBeam safety system has been developed to solve such problems. Due to the active participation of several fire departments in different stages of the project, Magirus emphasized the needs of customers such as reducing the risk of operations, as well as making it simple and safe.

Even before the VARIO hydraulic jack system is activated, the eight LED spotlights on the top of the ladder and the ladder manbasket illuminate the ladder completely. This action is automatically activated by inserting the auxiliary drive and strongly illuminates the desired operating area above the ladder, enabling the immediate detection and identification of possible obstacles or dangers. The floodlights can be controlled manually through the main control panel or the panel in the Manbasket. These 8 floodlights provide the fire truck driver and firefighters with 33600 lumens of light output, which includes the light of the headlights of new vehicles. Magirus ladder lighting for greater safety of night operations

With the upcoming delivery of three new M32L-AS turntable fire truck ladders on a light chassis, the Essen Fire Department in Germany will be the first to receive this new safety system. Sven Tomczak
The manager of the equipment and machinery department said: “The safety of the team is our main priority. High voltage lines and overhead power lines are very dangerous. Magirus SkyBeam provides our troops with a very quick initial view of their surroundings, especially during night operations, so that they can position the turntable ladder in the best position and carry out rescue operations as quickly as possible.”

The Magirus Aerial Products Manager notes: “The Magirus SkyBeam system will be an important item for purchasing turntable ladders in the future. We received the first request from the customer to optimize this system, which made Magirus consider its implementation in CS technology turntable ladders during the development of this system. This means that the level of safety for firefighters can be increased on both the new and old Magirus turntable ladders.

Fire truck ladder

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