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First aid box

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First Aid Box Safety Equipment

The first aid box includes medicines, alcohol pads, tweezers, thermometer, disinfectant solutions, etc. The first aid box is used to help treat an injured or sick person in emergency situations, and the person who performs this action is called a rescuer.

Having a first aid kit is essential for any place. This box has all the necessary equipment to treat the injured person in case of emergency and can prevent irreparable problems for the injured person until the rescuers reach the accident site.

The contents of the first aid box are different according to the place where it is to be used, so here are some of the necessary equipment:

single-use glove

Wearing gloves during treatment prevents the transmission of infection, which is why it is necessary to have several pairs of disposable gloves in the first aid box.

Scissors and tweezers

Scissors are used to cut dressings, cut packaging of wound products and other things.


This device is necessary to measure the patient’s temperature so that if the person’s temperature is high, you can control it with fever reducers.

Essential medicines

  • It is necessary to have a number of medicines in the first aid boxs, such as painkillers, nitroglycerin (sublingual tablet) and…
  • Important points that you should pay attention to in the field of first aid boxs
  • The expiration date of the drugs should be checked every six months.
  • Keep the first aid kit in a dry and cool place.
  • If you use any equipment in the box, replace it as soon as possible.
  • The first aid kit should always be available and placed in a certain place.
  • The box should be so that it is not possible for dust to penetrate inside it.

First aid box

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