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Flooring equipment

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Flooring equipment

Foaming equipment / Fire Foaming

In order to produce foam or foam for fire extinguishing of flammable liquids (type B), foaming equipment is used. These equipments produce light and heavy floors by combining a specific amount of water and foam raw material.

Foam concentrate is based on hydrocarbon layers. They have different compositions:

Firefighting synthetic foams:

  • Fluorine-free foams F3 and FFF, whose job is to create a foam layer full of bubbles.
  • Fluorinated foams: AFFF foam and AR-AFFF alcohol-resistant foam, also called AFFF-ARC.

Protein-based foams:

  • Protein foam
  • fluoroprotein (FFFP)
  • Alcohol resistant fluoroprotein (AR-FFFP)

Foam solution, also known as premixed solution, is a suitable combination of water and foam concentrate. A ratio of 3% means that 3 parts foam concentrate is added to 97 parts water to make 100 parts foam solution.

A foam concentrate is formulated to be effective at a nominal concentration. This is why the proper fit of the floor is so important for efficient foam performance and fire suppression. Then, this foam solution is expanded with air in foam production equipment to produce the final foam. This ratio depends on the type of foam concentrate or the type of fuel. When a foam concentrate is described as one in three, it means that the concentrate to water ratio should be 1% in hydrocarbon fires and 3% in polar solvent fires.

Finished foam is a quantity of bubbles that form a stable foam envelope that isolates the fuel from the oxygen source, making fire extinguishing possible and preventing the release of flammable vapors.

Flooring equipment

Flooring equipment

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