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Manual aerosol

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Manual aerosol

Manual aerosols are suitable for manual fire extinguishing of sensitive equipment such as servers, electronic equipment and sensitive switchboards, etc. This device is made of sustainable minerals. This device is not under pressure.

The device consists of a small, compact and light cylinder: the upper part of the device is a metal tube that contains the extinguisher. The lower part of the device is made of plastic and acts as a holding handle.

In Deba’s aerosol, the gas exiting it extinguishes the fire by interrupting the fire reaction chain (“autocatalyst” of the fire).

The aerosol jet starts working when the fire extinguishing operation is started by the user’s command.

This process allows the FSS to extinguish a variety of fires through saturation. Its slow biodegradation in the environment prevents future fires. The quenching process involves two different reactions: one physical and the other chemical. The physical reaction is related to potassium’s tendency to oxidize rapidly in air. The chemical reaction occurs through a stable bond between the potassium particles and the fire combustion particles. Through these two reactions, a rapid oxidation process takes place and instantly transforms the jet from a solid state to a gaseous state. These atoms can intercept and intercept any other free particles produced by the combustion process of the chain reaction fire. Potassium has strong inhibitory properties due to its weak ionization energy. Manual aerosol does not damage the surfaces and objects on which it is used. It does not need to be serviced or recharged and is suitable for all types of fires of different classes.

How to use manual aerosol is as follows.

  1. Hold the extinguisher by the handle and remove the top cover.
  2. Remove the igniter cap from the bottom of the handle or press the activation button.
  3. Touch the spark plug in the middle of the top.
  4. Direct the jet towards the base of the flame holding the extinguisher by the handle.


Manual aerosol

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