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13 facts about firefighting jobs

۱۳ واقعیت در مورد شغل آتش نشانی

Facts about fire fighters

Have you ever wondered about the facts about a firefighter job? Do you know what questions are asked by most people who work in fire brigades?
Few of us know that firefighters actually have to rescue even frightened cats from under trees, or that their uniforms can withstand a direct hit from a flame, and that they also repair pipes, metal brand. Ready to find out why?

Bright Side rounded up half the facts about firefighting that might change your mind about this amazing profession. And at the end of the article, you will learn what the dog breed is as a symbol of fire fighters.

13. Their uniforms can withstand up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

A fire fighters uniform is made of special materials that can withstand up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and protect the person from concentrated acids and alkali absorption. Many materials on Earth melt at such high temperatures.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

12. Firefighters do not have any mustaches or piercings on their faces.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

A firefighter uses an oxygen mask. According to safety regulations, the face should not have anything extra, pressing, or hair so that the mask can be completely fixed.

11. Nothing can be heard or seen in a burning building.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

In the videos, we see that firefighters can easily move inside a burning building, quickly find the injured and remove their mask to put it on the person who needs help. In fact, a firefighter cannot take off his mask because he will suffocate from the thick smoke. They also can’t see anything, and the roar of the flames prevents them from hearing someone’s cry for help.

The biggest enemy of all firefighters is backdraft. Backdraft happens when a fire is extinguished in a closed room due to lack of oxygen, but when the door or window is opened, because oxygen is supplied, a huge explosion of fire occurs at once. This phenomenon is shown in the movie Backdraft.

10. A firefighter wears 5 to 30 kilograms on his body. This figure is different depending on what the uniform is made of and what clothes are included in it. But it cannot be denied that firefighters can work only if they are physically fit.
9. Women have been working on an equal footing with men since the 1800s.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

Molly Williams was the first woman in the world who put out fires on the same level as men since the beginning of the 19th century. Later, women’s types seemed to have a separate style. In fact, not every man can handle this dangerous job, so those women who work as firemen cannot be called “weaker sex”.

8- They are ready to help in any situation.

The work of a firefighter is not limited to fires. These heroes save people during floods, earthquakes, artificial disasters and terrorist acts.
They even provide first aid if needed before the doctors arrive. They are also active in professions in the field of plumbing, electricity, mechanics, psychologists and even physician assistants. In some countries, fire engines have special equipment and devices to revive victims.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

Sometimes firefighters need a special sense of humor when dealing with children. For example, this little kid locked the door on his mom who was out of the car, her mom had to call the fire department and they managed to get her out of the car. Firefighters are really cool guys!

7. They save animals when there is no hope to save them!

13 facts about firefighting jobs

The fire department experiences many emergencies involving animals in trouble. If a cow gets stuck in a hole, a dog falls down a well, or a cat gets stuck in a narrow water pipe, the firemen will come and do everything they can to save them.

Many alarms are caused by false calls made by callers or children in order to deceive and mislead firefighters, but even if false alarms are consistently from the same specific number, firefighters are obligated every Bring your load to the place, because there may be a real fire at that time.

6. A work shift can last more than 24 hours.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

Shifts usually last for 24 hours and then with a break of 48 hours or 10-12 hours for 3-4 consecutive days. During large fires and other emergencies, firefighters can work for more than a day without a break.

5- They put their clothes in the closet so that they can wear them in a few seconds.

Firefighters pack so they can put on boots and pants one second, coat and helmet the next, and get into the car. They only have a few minutes to prepare and have a conversation to reach their destination, because with every second of delay, someone could lose their life.

4. Previously, people entered the buildings in wet clothes to put out the fire. Today, it is exactly the opposite.

In the past, Japanese firefighters used a special firefighting technique: they would go into a burning house in wet clothes to avoid catching fire, while destroying walls to prevent the fire from spreading further, and then wait for it to be extinguished. They were fire. This method caused a significant reduction in the number of victims and the number of important fires until the end of the 19th century.

Today, water is brought in the car and it is enough to last 5-10 minutes. In fact, this is enough time to extinguish the fire, then the firefighters find the nearest hydrant or pool from which they can pump water. Firefighters not only need to limit the movement of the fire, but also try to completely eliminate it as soon as possible.

6. If a house has a lot of free space and almost no doors and walls, the match will burn quickly.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

100 years ago it was easier to put out a fire. In those houses with many rooms, walls and doors helped prevent the rapid spread of fire. If the house has a lot of empty space, like many houses today, the fire spreads quickly and occupies a large area and is difficult to put out. Most of the time, fire happens in the kitchen. Nearly two out of three home fire deaths occur in homes without fire alarms, such as detectors.

2. Many fires are put out by volunteers instead of professional firefighters.

13 facts about firefighting jobs

In many countries, volunteers work in firefighting because the government does not have the money to maintain such a service. For example, in Chile, there are tens of thousands of volunteer firefighters who pay a monthly fee and receive special training. They are called Bamberus.

1. Is the Dalmatian the official firefighter dog?

13 facts about firefighting jobs

In the past, Dalmatian dogs would run ahead of fire fighters, clearing the way for horses to pass. This breed is fearless, has the ability to learn quickly and also has the ability to communicate quickly with other animals with a common language. They used to live side by side with select horses that need contact to maintain good form.

Remember that being a firefighter is not a simple profession but a destiny!

13 facts about firefighting jobs

For many people, saving lives, helping others and braving danger is a childhood dream. Thanks to people like this, we know that every firefighter is a true superhero who risks his life and health every day. We thank them for their work!

Are there any fire fighters in your family? Do you know other facts about firefighting jobs? We will be happy if you share them with us and other friends in the comments!

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