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Aerocel fire extinguishing system

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Aerocel fire extinguishing system

The search for new fire extinguishing technologies has required the use of the findings and fundamental developments in the field of fire extinguishing. In this article, we are going to refer to “aerocel fire extinguishing system” and describe the advantages of using it. Stay with us.

The most effective fire extinguishing agents by volume are alkali metal oxides contained in solid aerosols, which have a wide surface area and are produced during the burning of solid fuels and chemical-producing compounds. These compounds can burn independently without access to air. This material has a very high extinguishing ability against hydrocarbon flames, which makes extinguishing gases superior. The aerosol extinguishing system works based on the inhibitory chain reactions by fine solid particles, which are produced as a result of burning the aerosol composite cartridge. These particles can remain active for 30-40 minutes.

When the aerosol extinguishing concentration in the room reaches a sufficient level, the flaming combustion stops, the heat at the burning site decreases, and the temperature of the gas environment in the room decreases. Aerosol extinguishing concentration continues for 10-15 minutes after the generator is finished. This makes repeated ignition impossible.

Aerosol producing compound can be formed in solid cartridges in different forms. The production of aerosol generators is based on these aerosol generator cartridges. Aerosol extinguishing systems are used for fire treatment in various places and objects, also the usage and limitations are determined by the standards, laws and other official documents of the local authorities.

Aerocell fire extinguishing systems can provide fire safety in such situations where traditional fire extinguishing technologies are not acceptable in such places: in transport, in electrical rooms and tunnels, in unheated places with a temperature range. widespread, in explosive environments, in water shortage conditions.

In the current situation, the legal control of fire safety, the assessment of fire risks and the stimulation of fire insurance have forced the owners of buildings and structures to choose effective, reliable and economical fire extinguishing systems.

The most demand is for solid aerosol compositions, which have the ability to extinguish more than all fire extinguishing methods used to extinguish large volumes of fire. Pay attention to the figure below.

Analysis of technical and economic characteristics shows that most of the materials traditionally used for fire extinguishing have a lower extinguishing ability than aerosol, and fire extinguishing systems using such materials are bulky and labor intensive. And they are expensive.

Aerosol fire extinguishing is profitable. The price of all the components is lower, and besides, the Aerocell shutdown does not require additional operating costs. For example, the gas fire extinguishing system that is installed in the cable spaces of the road tunnel is 5.3 times more than the aerosol system with the same capacity.

Halocarbons containing chlorine and bromine are destructive to the ozone layer. Their production and use has been suspended. During the operation of the aerosol generator, the oxygen content in the atmosphere is practically not reduced. Aerosol is a non-toxic fire extinguisher, which saves people’s lives without harming their health. In addition, Aerocel has no negative impact on equipment and other properties.

Since the aerosol forming compound used in the generators is solid during storage, the generators do not need to be recharged and are always ready for use. Fire extinguishing aerosol generators provide the best possible fire safety in situations where it is not possible to use other methods (low water areas, unheated places, transportation, high voltage electrical equipment, etc.) do

Aerosol extinguisher has a significant advantage over other fire extinguishing methods: it is environmentally safe and non-toxic, which minimizes the risk to human health. Aerosol residue can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

The use of aerosol fire extinguishing systems allows owners to effectively protect their property against fire while saving significantly.

Aerocel fire extinguishing system has the following important advantages

  1. It is not harmful to people, environment and equipment.
  2. It does not remove oxygen.
  3. Without harming the environment during extinguishing (extinguishing without water).
  4. Simple installation (electrical control).
  5. (can) be installed directly at source.
  6. No need for plumbing.
  7. There is no separate space for gas bottles.
  8. The quenching agent in the generator is solid, so there is no pressure.
  9. Financial attractiveness (life expectancy of 15 years).

Aerocel fire extinguishing system

Aerocel HE fire extinguishing system is activated through the sensor after detecting the fire and extinguishes the fire by releasing gas.

Aerocell HE fire extinguishing system has the national standard of Iran and the approval of the fire department. In addition to being activated by a fire alarm sensor, this system also has the ability to be activated manually and thermally. Aerosol HE fire extinguishing system consists of non-toxic and inert solid, which is designed as a safe and functional alternative to FM200 gases, carbon dioxide, halon, halocarbons and chemical powders and inert gases.

Aerosol HE physically (lowering the temperature) and chemically (breaking the molecular bond of the flame) extinguishes the fire and extinguishes the fire instantly; Also, due to the type of production technology, the Aerocel HE fire extinguisher system can be used in humidity above 95%, which makes the Aerocel HE fire extinguisher system superior to other Aerocel fire extinguishing systems.

How the aerosol fire extinguishing system works

The dense HE aerosol fire extinguisher system actually attacks the fourth side of the fire rhombus and prevents the chemical reactions that lead to the continuation of the fire activity, and extinguishes the fire by breaking the fire chain reactions.

Aerocel fire extinguishing system

Other advantages of the aerosol fire extinguishing system

  • Ability to work in humidity above 95%
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly (ODP=GWP=0)
  • Lighter weight and smaller volume than other similar products
  • Ability to extinguish 5 fire classes (A, B, C, E, F)
  • Higher extinguishing power than other Aerosli fire extinguishing systems
  • without reducing the ambient oxygen
  • without pressurized tank (superior to FM200 extinguishing system)
  • No need for piping (superior to Watermist fire extinguishing system)
  • No need for maintenance
  • No need for annual charge
  • No residue
  • 5-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service of Hamyar Energy

Places of use of HE Aerocel Fire Extinguisher System:

  • Server rooms
  • Switchgears
  • warehouses
  • Banks
  • Hotels and museums
  • Ships, trains and cars
  • Oil and gas extraction stations
  • Refineries
  • military industries
  • Libraries and document centers and…

Manual aerosol

Manual aerosols are suitable for manual fire extinguishing of sensitive equipment such as servers, electronic equipment and sensitive switchboards, etc. This device is made of sustainable minerals.

The device is made of a small, compact and light cylinder, and the upper part of the device is a metal tube that contains the extinguisher. The lower part of the device is made of plastic and acts as a holding handle.

Aerocel fire extinguishing system

All the products of Hamyar Energy Company are provided by the top manufacturers of the industry. We provide our customers with a durable product by using innovative designs and durable and high quality materials. You can place an order through the following communication bridges for consultation and preparation of Aerocel:


09128932367 (call during business hours)

Also, if you need to prepare different types of aerosols in different weights, you will be able to place an order at the Hyperfire firefighting equipment store.

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