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Hamiyar Energy firefighting equipment store

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Fire equipment store

Hyper Fire online store for firefighting equipment

Hamiyar Energy firefighting equipment store

Of course, you all can see at the society level today that few people think of setting up a firefighting equipment store. Also, the majority of the society does not think about the extent to which it is necessary and necessary to have fire fighting equipment and equipment, and more importantly, that people have the ability to know how to work with some of these equipment in emergency situations. In fact, we somehow forget that natural accidents and hazards can cause irreparable loss of life and money to us at any moment, and if we cannot react favorably to them in a fraction of a second, it will bring many regrets.

Fortunately, these days, people’s attention to observing safety tips and using firefighting equipment and tools, as well as learning how to use them, is increasing. For this reason, creating jobs like this that can provide people’s safety equipment can be considered a good job.

Hamiyar Energy firefighting equipment store

Fire equipment store

To start and run a firefighting equipment store, you should first think about “obtaining a license”. If you don’t have a license, you will hardly be able to get fire equipment, and even in many cases, inspections will be done by fire inspectors and the association of fire equipment manufacturers.

In order to obtain a license, you first need documents to issue a (real) business license or to issue a (legal) business license and to form a board of directors, one of whose members is a civil engineer. To check the relevant details, you can refer to http://senfimeni.com/rules/ and check the items in more detail.

Among the advantages of building a firefighting equipment company or store, we can mention the granting of representation and the possibility of wide supply and sale of products throughout the province of residence or the country. Basically, in Iran, working as a company creates an atmosphere of trust among the customer community.

In any case, you want to establish a firefighting equipment store (whether real or legal), you need a place to start your activity, a place that depends on the geographical conditions as well as its extent, the amount of the mortgage or the final price will be different and to Basically, you will need a capital of at least 60 million to buy firefighting equipment. If you follow this work professionally, your capital will also increase. In fact, this job is suitable for those who have “adequate capital” and “high social interaction”, in which case you can achieve a very good income, because this job is still an idea that is relatively less It has been implemented from the rest of the businesses and the market is not saturated.

You should know that firefighting equipment is a tool used by firefighters to extinguish fires and save human lives. The design and production of these equipments is of special importance due to the sensitivity of their location and application. One of the characteristics of a good firefighting equipment store is to address exactly this issue. A good store is a store that the customer can trust and be sure that the product he receives is at its best level in terms of “design and production quality”. contract.

In fact, any minor mistake in the design and production of firefighting equipment may lead to malfunctions and irreparable effects in firefighting operations.

Firefighting, as one of the most dangerous jobs that deals with human lives, requires a lot of necessary equipment.

Hamiyar Energy firefighting equipment store


These devices include safety equipment that the firefighter wears and uses to protect his life from dangers, as well as equipment that saves the lives and property of the people involved in the accident. For example, if a firefighter works at height, he uses safety equipment for working at height. Therefore, it is very important to have “sufficient expertise and experience” in providing the best product in the results of its use and the amount of life and financial losses.

In a firefighting equipment store, it is important that by offering the best quality products, it has gained the customer’s “trust” so that, considering the seller’s “responsibility and commitment” in after-sales service, the customer’s loyalty to the store will also increase. Increase.

Hamiyar Energy safety equipment with the aim of safety for employees and peace of mind for employers has been supplying and distributing items in the field of personal protective equipment such as work clothes, work shoes, safety glasses, boots, etc. throughout the country for more than 5 years. Fire extinguishers such as fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, and fire extinguishers.

In order to expand its activities, every firefighting equipment store needs to use expert and experienced managers and experts so that it can be a leader and expert in the sale of firefighting equipment to organizations and institutions, as well as in the field of related plans and projects. .

All the products of Hamiyar Energy Company are provided by the top producers of the industry and in this way, it has had the honor of cooperating with many companies, institutions and organizations of the government and private sector. We provide our customers with a durable product by using innovative designs and durable and high quality materials.

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