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Types of fire alarm system detectors

دتکتورها یا آلارم تشخیص دود

Fire alarm systems detector When smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other fire-related emergencies are detected by the detector, the fire alarm system will alert people. These alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors and heat detectors, or they may also be activated through manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or […]

Repeater panel

کنترل پنل

Repeater panel The repeater panel is one of the fire alarm equipment. This device is located in a place that is far from the fire alarm control panel. This place is usually the place where firefighters enter the building when there is a fire. This panel can include warning lights, LCD screen and buttons to […]

Smoke test spray

اسپری تست دود

Smoke test spray Due to the sensitivity of fire alarm equipment, especially fire detectors, it is necessary to check and revise these equipments at certain intervals. Also, due to the sensitivity of these equipments, they cannot be tested with any type of tool, which is one of the tools that It has been introduced to […]

Dry battery

باتری خشک

What is a dry battery? A dry battery is a type of electric battery that is usually used for portable electric devices. Unlike wet cell batteries that have a liquid electrolyte, dry cells use electrolyte in the form of a paste and are therefore less prone to leakage. The dry cell was developed in 1886 […]

Fire alarm panel

پنل اعلام حریق

What is a fire alarm panel? A fire alarm panel is a safety device that commercial buildings typically need to communicate a number of firefighting equipment that can save lives and minimize property damage. The purpose of the fire alarm panel is to enable rapid emergency response in the event of a fire so that […]

Fire alarm equipment

تجهیزات اعلام حریق

What is fire alarm equipment? The first step in dealing with any risk is to be aware of it. How do we know about a fire in a building? What happens if a fire breaks out when no one is there? Fire alarm equipment is a suitable solution to inform about the occurrence of fire. […]

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