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Fire fittings

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All types of fire fittings

Coupling is one of the firefighting fittings used to connect one hose to another and increase the overall length of the firefighting hose. They are attached to each end of a fire hose. Hose couplings are also used to connect hoses to devices such as hydrants, vices, and Siamese fittings. Depending on the customer’s demand, various materials can be used to make hose couplings. For example, firefighting teams prefer light alloy (hardened aluminum) couplings because they are more flexible, cost-effective, and lightweight. Marine equipment and suppliers prefer gunmetal and marine brass to prevent saltwater corrosion and increase tolerance to extreme weather conditions. There are three types of hose couplings, which include threaded couplings, storz type couplings, and asymmetric quick connect couplings. Threaded couplings are one of the items that are commonly used in firefighting. They are divided into two categories, male and female, which are designed to be used in most fire hoses up to 3 inches in diameter. The male coupling has exposed threads. A fire hose has a male coupling on one end and a female coupling on the other. There is a swivel on the female coupling, so the male and female couplings can be screwed together without twisting the hose.

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Connections are in German and English models.

The German model is for common and common firefighting purposes.

English model or earring is used for petrochemical purposes, refineries, etc., which is of brass type.


As one of the oldest yet most effective and common firefighting solutions, a well-designed and well-arranged hydrant system forms the backbone of the entire firefighting system. This includes proper above ground and basement plumbing with accessories. External Hydrant and Fire Escape valves are provided at every strategic location. A fire hydrant is a pipe that allows a controlled flow of water to extinguish a fire from the main water pipe.

The fire hydrant protection system is designed to deal with large-scale fires in all hazard classes. Even if part of the damaged structure collapses, the system is designed to function properly.

Dry barrel and wet barrel are two types of fire hydrants. A wet barrel fire hydrant has a fixed water supply, while a dry barrel fire hydrant must have an open valve to allow water to enter.

This device is designed for quick access to water in case of fire. Fire fittings are installed as stand-alone systems that act like building-specific fire hydrants and provide fire protection that is easily accessible to firefighters.


Fire fittings

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