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Wall reel

قرقره دیواری

10-meter, 15-meter, and 20-meter hose reel

Brass hub reel with high pressure hose (15 bar) and samouri nozzle or 3-position nozzle with 3-layer hoses, plastic and perlon thread. The wall mounted hose reel is used as a portable device. A wall mounted reel is usually used in the early stages of a fire and can be used by building owners, residents, tenants and the fire brigade. All employees and personnel must be trained in the safe and effective use of the fire wall reel. Fire hose reels are placed in strategic locations in buildings to provide easy access and a fire extinguishing source (such as water or foam) to extinguish the fire. The wall reel is available in two types of pumped system or non-pumped system.

How to use the public safe fire wall reel:

  1. Warn others.
  2. Do not use electricity in a fire!
  3. Make sure the fire hose reel is on before going to the fire.
  4. Check that there is water in the nozzle. Make sure the nozzle or jet is in the closed position.
  5. Pull the hose, the loop should open as it guides the hose out.
  6. Turn on the nozzle, aim the water at the base of the fire.

Wall reel

The difference between Hozerili reel and Firebox reel

  1. Firebox reels are made of a shaft and two strong bearings that make the reel move smoothly.
  2. Depending on whether they are placed in the fire box as a wet or dry line, the branch of the pipe connected to the firebox coils is ½ 1 or ½ 2 inches, and the branch of the pipe connected to the hose reel as the wet line of the fire box is ¾ or 1 inches, so according to the size of the pipes, the flow rate (the amount of water output per minute) in the Firebox spool is more than the flow rate of the hose reel.
  3. ¾ inch or 1 inch rubber hose is used in hose reels, but 1/2 inch or 1/2 inch Perlon thread or hemp hose is used in bearing reels.
  4. Using hose reel is very easy and convenient for all people because it is not necessary to open the entire length of the hose to supply water to the rubber hose, and even by opening 1 meter of it, the water needed to extinguish a part can be supplied, but using The firebox reel is suitable for trained people because the entire perlon (hemp) hose must be opened in order to start the extinguishing operation.
  5. Another difference between Hozerili reel and Firebox reel is that in the first moments of a fire, rubber hoses have a faster action speed than Perlon thread hose from Firebox reel due to the ease of opening from Hozerili reel.
  6. The hose used in hose reel is easily wrapped around the reel immediately after use, but the perlon thread (hemp) hose used in bearing reels must be dried from the inside before being wrapped around the reel so that the remaining moisture causes rotting. Do not enter the hose.
  7. The valves that can be connected to each of these reels are different.
  8. Hemp hose is the only intermediate hose between the linear valve and the nozzle, and another interface called package hose is also needed to connect the hose reel to the valve.
  9. In order to be able to be connected to the valve and nozzle, the hemp hose needs a coupling, which is coiled on both sides of the hose, and on the other side of the line, it must be connected to the hydrant at the head of the valve and the tail of the nozzle, but the rubber hose does not need a coupling, and the valve does not need a hydrant. And they are easily connected with fasteners.

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