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Carbon monoxide poisoning

گاز گرفتگی

Carbon monoxide poisoning or asphyxiation

Poisoning or gassing will occur due to breathing dangerous carbon monoxide gas. This poisoning can be caused by various gas-burning appliances, including gas heaters, gas water heaters, picnics, and even coal gas, which is seen most of the time in winter. If the place in question does not have a proper chimney or ventilation or it is blocked, this will happen and the released carbon monoxide will not be able to leave and it will be released in the environment and cause poisoning and ultimately death. This type of death that occurs due to choking is called “silent death”.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Symptoms of a bite

The symptoms of being bitten were similar to those of a cold, with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and burning eyes. He has nausea and…

carbon monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no taste and smell and is not dangerous in amounts less than 50 ppm and between 50 and 100 ppm can cause neurological complications, but in amounts greater than 100 ppm there is a risk of death and in amounts higher than 2000 ppm. It causes instant death. (in less than 2 minutes)

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Cause of poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is produced as a result of incomplete burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, gasoline, diesel, and charcoal, and because it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-stimulating gas, poisoning with it occurs easily. The affinity of carbon monoxide with hemoglobin is greater than that of oxygen and it forms a stable compound in the blood with hemoglobin. Gradually, as the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood increases, the amount of free hemoglobin available for oxygen transport decreases, and as a result, oxygen supply to body tissues from The sentence of the brain decreases and it causes poisoning and the nervous system is disturbed and the power of any action is taken away from the poisoned person. Hemoglobin, which is a part of red blood cells and carries oxygen to body tissues, is mixed with carbon monoxide much faster than oxygen, and therefore there is no place left for hemoglobin to carry oxygen.

Complications of poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause headaches, confusion, narrow vision (where you see everything around you like a tunnel), and bruised lips and nails. This poisoning eventually causes death.


Prevention of poisoning and gassing
Smoking – diving

Smoking can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning

Smoking increases carbon monoxide and reduces the body’s ability to transport oxygen. Smoking should be avoided 10 to 12 hours before and after diving. Smoking also increases the risk of lung overexpansion because lung tissue is damaged by chemicals in cigarette smoke.

smoke detector test

The use of standard heating devices is very important in preventing this poisoning. Controlling and unblocking the openings of the chimney before starting the heater is the best way to prevent poisoning incidents.

Being careful and paying attention to the hotness of the chimney is also a way to test the proper functioning of the chimney. If the chimney pipe of your heater is cold, the reason is that the combustion products and toxic gases are not coming out of the chimney. In this case, while fixing the defect, you should temporarily create ventilation in the environment by opening a part of the door or window. It is also very important to have a special cap for the chimney on the roofs to prevent the heater from shutting down and then releasing CO gas.

flame color

The desired color of the stove flame and cooking liquid is blue. If the color of the flame is red, yellow or orange, it indicates a failure in fuel supply and a lack of oxygen in the environment, which should be checked immediately. If the color of the heater flame is not blue, there may not be enough air to the heater and carbon monoxide gas may be produced.

Air flow entry

If heating devices such as heaters and fireplaces are used, all air flow openings in the house, especially the bedroom, should not be blocked.

Do not use for heating devices

Avoid installing a water heater in the bathroom and lighting the gas stove in the kitchen to keep the indoor environment warm.


The small size of the outlet duct and the common piping of the fireplace for several units causes the smoke to return from the open fireplace of the lower floors to the off fireplace of the upper floors.

Chimney conditions

The end of all chimneys must be at least one meter away from the roof surface and one meter from the side wall of the roof and have a special H-shaped cap.

The chimney and its connections must be made of durable material without any holes or leaks around it. The slope of the horizontal pipes inside the units should be positive and facing up, and the vertical height of the pipe outside should be at least three times its horizontal length. The diameter of the chimney pipe must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the outlet pipe of the gas burner.

Do not put the outlet pipe of the heater into a separate water container. Do not use heating equipment without installing a chimney or with a defect in a separate chimney.

Wall-mounted gas water heaters can be dangerous if left on for long periods of time. It is not allowed to use wall-mounted water heaters in closed spaces or places without air flow.

Every gas-burning appliance must have an independent chimney leading to the outside. Check and ensure the entire path of the chimneys to ensure the proper direction of combustion products to the outside. Never use a barbecue or grill inside a house, garage or enclosed area.

Never use an oil or gas lamp or heater that does not have a chimney inside the house, especially when sleeping.

Install a carbon monoxide detector inside the house, especially in your sleeping area. Repairing heating devices by inexperienced and inexperienced people or installing them by family members causes danger.

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