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Sale of diesel emergency fire generator

معدات السلامة في مكافحة الحرائق

Sale of diesel emergency fire generator

What is a diesel generator? Emergency diesel generator or diesel generator is a combination of diesel engine, generator and all kinds of secondary accessories such as covering room to protect and reduce noise, anti-humidity heaters, chassis, control and protection systems, emergency circuit breakers, oil pre-heating system and It is called engine water, fuel tank, automatic start system, etc., which are used to generate electricity. Emergency diesels are used for emergency power supply as well as power supply during peak hours. In the fire department, emergency diesel generators are used to provide electricity in case of fire. According to the fire department regulations, buildings above 6 floors must use diesel. Diesels are produced in different powers according to their electrification power, which each building should select and provide according to the number and power of fire pumps, elevators, lighting and emergency water supply pumps. The use of diesels Cheap emergency is not recommended for sensitive centers such as clinics, hospitals, commercial centers.

The use of automatic switchboard suitable for Harah with diesels provides the building’s emergency power supply automatically, safely and quickly. When the electricity of the national grid is interrupted or shorted for any reason, the emergency diesel is automatically turned on using the automatic transfer switch panel and supplies the building with electricity, and after the national grid electricity is reconnected, the automatic panel switches off the diesel generator. It works automatically

The extraordinary sale of emergency diesel generators has been started by Hamyar Energy Company.

You will not find our offer anywhere else.

Construction employers who have to install emergency diesels for their building’s firefighting system (fire alarm and extinguishing) in order to obtain firefighting certification can obtain their firefighting certification with the lowest possible cost while achieving appropriate quality.

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